Healthy baby; the infant's health is one of the most important matters that parents should pay attention to. A child by nature may encounter many pathogens as a result of the weakness of his immune system, his play, and his tendency to put anything in his mouth, in addition to meeting with other children who may carry various diseases.

As a mother, you'll be all the time worried about your baby's health, but how can you know if your little one is a healthy baby. Find out below some signs of a healthy baby that you should pay attention to.

1. Healthy baby; Physical growth

Your child's weight should be within the normal range that is appropriate for children of his age and height. If so, you will know that your little one is growing up healthy and getting enough essential nutrients. But if his weight is much more or less than the normal range, it would be better for you to consult a doctor without delay.

2. Healthy baby; The baby is calm when carrying him

Your baby calms down when you hold him or when he hears your voice, and this does not mean that he will definitely stop crying. Still, it is natural for your voice to draw his attention because it is the voice he heard for a long time while he was in your womb; he used to sleep in a tight and warm womb, so hearing your voice, carrying him, and holding him will restore his memories in and make him feel the comfort that he felt in the past. If he shows this kind of comfort when communicating with you, this only indicates that he is developing emotionally properly.

3. Healthy baby; The number of wet diapers per day

Your child wets between eight to ten diapers a day and gains weight appropriate for his age, as this indicates that he is consuming enough milk and is growing at a regular rate. Even if days have passed during which he does not eat milk at the previous rate, so the wet nappy is definite evidence that your child is receiving milk, which is the suspicion that most mothers who breastfeed their children have. It is necessary to visit the doctor periodically, especially in the first year of the child's life, to ensure his growth rate, and you should not exceed the number of times he drinks milk or the amount he drinks each time as a measure of growth.

4. Healthy baby; If your baby pays attention to things around him

In his first days, your baby has a blurred vision, and everything looks unclear to him. However, by growing, he will observe and focus on things surrounding him. After birth, your baby's vision is only about 8 to 12 inches; however, his vision will increase gradually, and he will start looking and focusing on farther objects. Thus, if your baby fixes his eyes on the roof, he may be observing something. This is a sign that your baby is growing in a healthy way.

5. Healthy baby; Baby's attention to sounds

Your baby turns toward the new sound he hears and calms down until he listens, indicating that his sense of hearing is developing correctly. Babies are born with hearing ability, but they need time to be able to differentiate between daily white noise and other sounds. When the child turns to a game that produces striking music or sound, this means that his ears are improving well and that he is starting to feel curious to know the sources of the sounds.

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6. Healthy baby; Movement and activity

If your baby wants to play and move for about a quarter of an hour, several times a day, it is a positive sign that he is in good health. And because movement and exercise deplete vital body fluids, encourage your older children to consume lots of water.

7. Healthy baby; Baby’s cries rate

Your child cries at a lower rate than before and organizes his bedtime somewhat, indicating the start of his nervous system's growth and indicating the end of the new phase of childbirth, disturbing both of you. When your child begins to get used to a daily routine, especially to sleep, this indicates the maturity of his nerves, and often after he reaches his fourth month.

8. Healthy baby; If your baby demands frequent breastfeeding

Babies are born with natural sucking reflux; this means that when you get something close to your baby's mouth, he may begin sucking. If your baby frequently asks for feeds, it signifies a good appetite and a good digestive system.

9. Healthy baby; If your baby sleeps well

Sleeping is essential for babies' development. If your baby sleeps well, he will grow well. If your baby has a good sleeping schedule, it means that he is happy, and therefore, it is a sign of healthy development.

10. Healthy baby; If baby supports his own body

This means that his little muscles are getting stronger each day. Many babies can hold their heads in one month. By the time they are doing it with greater skill. Laying on their tummy and crawling also helps the baby build his muscles and speed up their development.