In today's time and age, eyeglasses have come at par with most exclusive accessory pieces that complement your overall look. While women choose eye frames to add a tint of glamor to their outfits, men consider wearing top-notch frames to get an edgy look. 

Glasses were once associated with nerdiness. They have, however, seen a revival in fashion and beauty in recent years, with models and celebrities using them as accessories. Your best characteristics can be brought out, and your attractiveness increased with the correct pair of glasses. However, how do you decide which pair to pick? 

Many factors tend to influence the glasses that would best suit your face. It is essential to have a closer look at all these considerations to leverage the power of eyeglasses in leveling up your overall appearance. It is also interesting to check on the convenience of wearing a particular glass frame before you make the final buying decision. You must feel comfortable with the eyeglass to pull off your look effortlessly. Failing to do this can lead to a not-so-good day, taking away the actual joy. 

Whether your purpose for wearing glasses is for fashion or sophisticated eyesight correction, it is paramount to go for the frames that sit well on your nose. So, here are the six guidelines to help you look stunning while wearing glasses:

1. Select the Appropriate Frame

There is no one method that works for everyone when selecting frames. Perhaps you're searching for the most durable glasses frames available because you engage in a lot of physical activity and risk breaking a regular pair. The form of your face should be considered when choosing a frame (your optical shop specialist or optometrist). To assist you, here is a quick reference to the ideal frames for each face shape.

If your face is round:

  • Select a frame that is wider than it is tall.
  • To draw attention to your face while avoiding drawing attention to your full cheeks, use nose pads.
  • Avoid wearing circular spectacles.

If your face is square:

  • Select a frame that is wider and contains fewer details and depths.
  • Pick outfits that will soften your already prominent features.

Your face is oval-shaped:

  • Select a frame that is equal in width to the widest portion of your face characteristics.
  • Look for frames with walnut-shaped structures since they best highlight your features.

If your face is shaped like a heart:

  • Find a frame with a bottom portion that is wider than a top portion.
  • A plus is framed without rims.

2. Draw Attention to Your Face’s Greatest Features

You can highlight your best features with the help of glasses. Find a pair that enhances your natural appearance. For instance:

  • Pick a frame that complements the hue of your eyes.
  • Pick a color that compliments your skin tone.
  • Dark frames in shades like silver, black, gray, dark blue, dark purple, or dark red look best on those with cool or pale complexion tones.
  • Gold, beige, green, or brown frames blend well with warm or deeper complexion tones. White frames should never be used.
  1. Wear Concealer

Concealer and makeup are still appropriate to use, even if you wear glasses. Glasses have the unpleasant tendency to draw attention to and accentuate flaws around the eyes, such as wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles under the eyes, and swelling. Therefore, whether or not you wear glasses, stick to your regimen if you typically wear concealer or cosmetics.

Additionally, concealers can further bring out the vibrancy of the eyewear by highlighting it on your face. This helps blend in your frame and make it a part of your outlook. 

4. Go for the Thinnest Lenses You Can Find

In order to avoid having your face appear worn out, elderly, or exhausted, choose lenses that are as thin as possible. If your eyes needed a lot of assistance in the 'old days,' you were forced to wear bulky, unattractive lenses. But thanks to technology, even if your grade requirement is quite high, you can now choose lenses that are significantly thinner and even weightless.

  1. Keep Your Brows Tidy

If you've let your brows grow unchecked, you might want to do so because glasses draw emphasis to your eyes. Trimmed, attractive brows can draw attention to well-selected lenses. Here is a how-to from a beauty expert on maintaining healthy brows while wearing glasses:

  • Keep your brows as sparse as possible if you wear glasses with thick frames. Go natural if you can, and just fill in the gaps that are necessary. Likewise, remove stray hairs. Avoid over-plucking your brows.
  • For rimless glasses, you can make your brows more attractive. You can achieve thick brows if you so like.

6. Keep In Mind Your Skin Type

You should also consider your skin type while choosing your frame (who knew there were so many factors to take into account?). Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Avoid wearing eyeglasses with glossy and shiny frames if your skin is already oily since they will make your face appear even more shiny and oily.

The finest glasses for you will have a matte finish if you have dry skin or frequently use matte-finished makeup.

Wrapping Up

We hope that these pointers will help you confidently select and wear your eyeglasses. Don't forget that wearing glasses has been associated with both intelligence and attractiveness in both men and women. Even if they don't have a prescription, some people choose to wear glasses as an accessory. After all, geeky is the new gorgeous!

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