A good education is one of the best gifts you can give your child. If they are struggling and need help with the ever-growing pressure of modern education, there are viable options available. If you are too busy and don't have the expertise to teach, then the best route is to hire a tutor.

Some think private tutors interfere with children’s natural talents, learning capacities, and problem solving abilities; however, with an efficient and empathic tutor's guidance, those abilities can prosper. Tutoring is more of a healthy push than a debilitating crutch.

Another misconception about private tutoring is that it is too costly. That is an outdated belief. Not all tutors have exorbitant fees. You just need to do a little research. Set your budget and the number of sessions you want. You will be shocked once you find out what is available.

It is not about habits. At a younger age, it is about giving children the support they need to find their passion and interest in studies. Taking some of the load off their little shoulders can do a world of good for them. That is what a tutor does.

“Tutors assist children in gaining clarity in whatever it is that they are studying to learn - at any given point in time.” - Pete Zafra

If you still can't make up your mind, here are 5 reasons why hiring a tutor will tremendously benefit your kid:

  1. Attention to details

Most of the students struggling to complete homework in advanced stages share the same problem: their lack of understanding of the lessons on-hand.

A child's mind and brain are at their most active and imaginative stage in kindergarten. You can help them from the very start with an online kindergarten tutor - who will not only help in finishing assignments, but can also help children know their strengths, find out about their interests, and build their self-confidence.

A good tutor can give children strong, basic ideas about difficult topics and details. That will allow them to understand their lessons better. A strong foundation will improve scores and grades short-term, but it will also help children in their academic career - long-term.

  1. Fitting environment

All children are unique in their own ways. Everyone has their own skill sets, interests, likes, needs, level of understanding, and retention power. Schools can't cater to different personal traits. That is why their techniques are universal. It is up to each student to survive and cope in their own way.

What if that is not enough? Maybe your kid doesn't like a subject because they don't understand it properly. That is where a tutor can help.

They adapt quickly to the student's pace and abilities. The amount of attention is significantly higher too because it is one-to-one, online. Their home’s familiar settings also help with their focus and comprehension.

The whole learning experience gets personalized - from timetables to manner of speaking. Instead of just taking notes and dictations, children learn more interactively. Thay have more freedom to ask questions and state their point-of-view. It is personalized at the highest level.

  1. Discipline goes a long way

Tutors can help with children’s school habits and disciplines.

Reality: School involves work. To reach top-level success, children need to be focused and disciplined. Persistent efforts and consistent schedules are crucial in learning anything. Unstable and unpredictable situations can affect children, and they can go from deeply immersed to completely bored in no time. 

Private tutors ensure children will consistently spend certain amounts of time on learning. These consistent flows will increase children’s interests and self-confidence. We all know these are two critical keys to success in every aspect of life.

  1. The passion underneath

A good number of children can get overly emotional, aggressive, or hateful towards their school and classes if they continuously struggle in one or many subjects. They blame themselves and start to feel they are not worthy or intelligent enough - which can stir up negative emotions and reactions. That is neither good nor helpful.

That should never happen. Many children are defensive, so they won't admit they need help. They simply conclude they are not good students -  while pretending all is well.

A tutor can help correct that undesirable pattern. When children feel and see their improvements, they gain the belief that - they can win. That belief creates domino effects (which creates passion for the subjects), confidence in their thoughts and opinions, and an overall better mindset on who is ready to work hard.

  1. Honesty and curiosity

Some children are uncomfortable asking questions in classroom settings - because they are afraid of being embarrassed or coming off as “dumb”. Because of this, the clarity never comes, and they never get the answers they are looking for.

As the sayings go:

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.”


“The only stupid question is the one that is not asked.”

All kids deserve to satisfy their curiosity and maximize their learning. A tutor can help. There was a study done worldwide that concluded:

“Children with tutors do much better than children without tutors - 100% of the time.”

100% is pretty good odds in anything that comes up on the betting table.

Children can be more honest and open with their tutors. With the tutors’ professional knowledge, they can make children more comfortable, open, and honest. The kids will be more comfortable and confident to ask questions that deepens their learning.


One-on-one, online private tutors are the best way to improve children’s learning, grades in school, self-confidence, and belief in themselves. Kids not only become better learners and get better marks on the tests, but they also gain values and life lessons that will help them for the rest of their lives.