We all desire to read more books, yet tragically many of us stop doing so. Check out the following advice if you wish to regain control and read more books in 2023.

1. Pick the ideal books to start with

Regardless of your age, it's definitely a good idea to start slowly if the last book you read was in college.

The appropriate book can mean the difference between starting off on the right reading path and giving up entirely.

What qualities should you consider when selecting books?

How simple the reading is. Some books have fairly complicated stories that are a little more challenging to follow because not all books are written in the same way. You might start with

What number of pages does it have? Reading on will explain why choosing a book based on its page count may not appear sophisticated at first.

At the beginning of the journey, having that sensation of accomplishment is crucial because it might inspire you to keep going. It enables you to experience the wonderful sensation of closing a book immediately after finishing it and may make you more mobile.

Was it written when? The first novels you read after a lengthy break should be written by a contemporary author. Reading literature that are written in a language that you regularly use and hear is much simpler and more fun at first than, say, reading Shakespeare's works in English.

2. Make attainable objectives

It may sound stupid, but resist the urge to push yourself to meet impossible objectives. You must evaluate your life, face the mirror, and question how much time per day you can devote to reading.

Many people embark on this journey with a firm resolve: "I will read more books starting January 1." You could, but it's unlikely that you will.

Choose a modest number of pages instead. Twenty pages, say. That can be finished in under 30 minutes for a speed reader on average. Create a schedule and try to read those 20 pages every day at or after completing another daily chore.

You can expect it to happen at some point in the future, maybe not on your first day or maybe not on your second.

If you pick a good book, you won't even bother counting the pages once it starts to get interesting, and you'll read as much as your schedule permits.

3. Create a stress-free setting for success

Close the door, put your phone in airplane mode, and turn off the television. You should read uninterrupted and without interruptions.

Receiving calls while reading might be inconvenient and detrimental to your newly established reading regimen. Sometimes it's challenging to regain attention after becoming sidetracked or removed from the action.

Even while you definitely won't be able to regulate and block out every distraction, it's still necessary to make reading as convenient for yourself as possible. You need a comfortable space, or at the very least a sofa.

To maximize your experience, make an effort to be in a good place. Reading will gradually change this way from a chore to a habit to a pastime.

4. Modify your outlook

You need to alter your general perspective on reading first. It's not a chore, so don't approach it that way. It's simple to understand why so many of us have this perspective psychologically.

We learned in school that reading is necessary, and anything becomes less enjoyable as soon as the word "required" is attached to it.

But now that we are grownups, we need to change the way we think. There is no prescribed reading list, and our comprehension of the novels we read will not affect our marks. None of the books we read will be the subject of a 2,000 word essay from anyone.

We were also instructed in school to finish books that we start reading, whether or not we enjoy them. Since it is required and there will be a later-in-the-year exam on it. Furthermore, you risk failing your class.

But guess what? What do adults do when they read something they don't like, do you know? Then stop reading. Adult life is that simple and lovely.

So, I think the most crucial step to reading more is to alter your perspective. You'll read more when you start to see reading as a pleasurable, practical, and soothing hobby.

5. Additional books

Yes, if you want to read more about eva, you should buy more books. Play around with this a little. Go to a bookshop and purchase 3 books that interest you right now rather of forcing yourself to continue reading the same novels you've had laying around your home for years.

Four years ago, you were not the same person. Why then would you make an effort to read something that you wanted to read four years ago but didn't?

A book should also always be close at reach. You should always have a book with you, whether you're at home, on the bus, or simply traveling. You never know when you'll have some free time or when you'll get the urge to read.

Buy additional books today that you enjoy, and keep one with you at all times.

To sum up

Nobody can argue that a fantastic goal is to read more books. As long as you do it correctly, it's also simple to do.

Giving up on a goal is frequently far simpler than attaining it, and if you don't become organized, you could simply get lost.

You will have a high chance of doing this by using the tips above on how to read more books, especially if you decide to use Basmo for your reading habits.