Summertime means beating the heat by spending time in the pool. It also means investing in your pool to create an inviting oasis everyone can enjoy. Having a pool is beneficial; it gives your backyard a different but beautiful look. A swimming pool area gives you a perfect opportunity to have moonlit dips, pool parties on the weekend, or relax after a tiring day. With a pool, you get endless ways to unwind and have the best fun. So, how can you make your swimming pool area aesthetic and functional? Well, from installing lounge chairs to having color schemes and decorations, all can work insanely well to have an aesthetic and functional swimming pool. Here are a few more ideas for you to incorporate.

Tips for having an aesthetic and functional swimming pool

Have a theme in mind.

Having a themed pool is fun, as it brings adventure to the pool deck. There are so many themes you can pick, like beach paradise, jungle vibes, or anything your heart wants. There is also an option to put some landscaping around the pool’s perimeter; it gives your pool a bit of a private look, too. Here are some theme ideas for a swimming pool that you can use to create an aesthetic swimming pool.

Install shade

After taking a dip in the pool, you want to relax nearby and just enjoy the calmness. Right? So, for that, it is necessary that you install shades, umbrellas, and pergolas. They also provide you with shade from the sun, so you can just chill in the shade and relax. This not only adds comfort to your pool area but also ensures comfort. Ensure you get the best-quality shades and umbrellas that also go with your theme.

Have a dining table near the pool.

Another way to give your poolside an aesthetic and unique look is to put a dining table near the pool. You can add it to the porch area and add a glass divider separating the dinner table from the poolside. This gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner as your kids play in the pool. Or even having a poolside party becomes easier as everyone can enjoy the snack, or anyone not going in the pool can simply enjoy the view and the meal.

Get the right accessories for your pool.

Your pool is not just for you; you will invite friends and family over for a fun, relaxing evening or party. Right? So, you need the best pool accessories to ensure everyone has a good and safe pool time. This includes getting some luxury pool floats so you or anyone else can relax in the pool or sip your drink. Other than this, you need storage bins, a towel rack, and drink holders. This is especially essential when you have guests over for organized fun.

Add a grill.

Adding a grill to your poolside is a great way to add to the appeal and make the area functional, too. Ensure you get a covered grill so it can work in the rainy season, too. Having a barbeque slash poolside party is one of the best experiences you can ever have with your friends and family. If space is an issue, you can go for the best portable grills, which are the best in the world.

Add an additional water feature.

You can incorporate additional water features, like waterfalls or fountains, to enhance the visual appeal of your pool. There are many options these days, and by adding these features, you will make it a popular area for your kids.

Add decorative accents.

Your poolside will have a lounge chair and other furniture for comfort. Right? Give them an aesthetic and functional feel by adding throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and other artwork to enhance the visual appeal while also creating a soothing environment.


To upgrade the look of your pool, lightning is so important. Get creative and strategic with your lighting, create an ambiance ensuring safety, and set the mood. You can go with LED lights, string lights, or even lanterns to light up the place.


Summers are synonymous with spending time in the pool. Sipping drinks, taking a dip in the pool, relaxing in the cold water, and just chilling in your pool. Hopefully, these ideas will help you create a functional and aesthetic swimming pool. If the ambiance is good, you will enjoy the place more. If you have some more advice, comment below.