Visual content is critical for effective marketing. In fact, a study conducted by Buzzsumo found that content marketing articles that featured an image for every 100 words received double the shares online in comparison to articles with fewer images. Business owners strive for this level of attention for everything they market.

However, this attention can be hard to strive for in highly competitive markets. When it comes to sustainable technology, there is no bigger market out there as more people find ways to “greenify” their life. Most sustainable technology can also be highly complex for consumers to understand. So, they can absolutely benefit from the visual content. To execute it properly, though, you need graphic designers. 

Graphic designers create distinctive physical and digital visual concepts that inspire the people exposed to them to take action. The future of sustainable tech relies on this being at the crux of companies’ marketing strategies. 

Visual Content Evokes a Response 

Graphic designers are visual content masters. And that’s precisely what sustainable tech needs because visual content evokes a response within the human mind. This is due to the fact that most visual information is processed in the same part of the brain that processes emotion

A graphic designer who can create response-worthy product images, videos, and other visual representations is an incredible asset. 

Suppose sustainable tech companies want to convince people to engage further with their brands and eventually make a purchase. In that case, they must lean on graphic designers to create unique visual content that inspires action. 

Create High-Quality Marketing Content 

Sustainable technology is high-tech. It needs sophisticated, high-quality marketing content to match. 

Consumers will be less likely to take sustainable technology seriously if it’s marketed cheaply and unprofessionally. Conversely, they’ll be much more open to it when the marketing content is professional and well-thought-out. 

Graphic designers can create high-quality visual marketing content. They can design visual concepts that align with marketing messages, convincing more consumers to move forward in their relationship with a sustainable tech brand using tools like a graphic maker. Let’s take a look at a few specific ways graphic designers can do that. 

Showcase Functionality and Design 

Showing the functionality and design of sustainable technology is essential if you’re trying to explain the concept to your audience. 

Let’s take solar technology, for example. Solar technology is shaping the future of electricity and energy. Solar panels on the roof of a house or building come to mind for most people when they’re asked about solar technology. 

But it’s since advanced in function and design, with the option to incorporate BIPV into a building’s architecture, solar fabric, and photovoltaic noise barriers. 

Consumers may have difficulty understanding these things' immense value if they’re only reading about them. But a product video, infographic, or poster can make them more understandable and marketable to consumers. However, if these graphics are all the visual content a company uses, people will quickly get bogged down by the details.

Highlight Accessibility 

Millions of people live with a disability. It’s essential for not just the sustainable tech device to be accessible but the marketing content too. Sustainable tech companies must account for all groups of consumers if they truly want to increase the use of their devices. 

Graphic designers can develop visual concepts that highlight the accessibility features and functions of the device. They can also ensure the content itself is accessible by:

  • Designing simple layouts with keyboard navigation enabled to assist those with mobility issues
  • Using straightforward language to help those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities better comprehend the content
  • Including Alt-image descriptions to accommodate those with visual impairments and assistive devices like screen readers
  • Being mindful of color choices to account for individuals living with color-blindness  

Essentially, always keeping the reader in mind — no matter their ability or background — is best practice. 

Keep Visual Branding Elements Consistent 

More sustainable tech companies are emerging each year as people and businesses become increasingly interested in living and being more environmentally friendly. So, success relies on a company’s ability to stand out. That’s where branding comes in. 

A strong brand can distance a sustainable tech company from its competition and draw consumers to its products. 

Graphic designers can create high-grade visual branding elements that span across products, marketing channels, and everything else that needs it in a company. And that consistency will improve their brand awareness, recognition, and reputation. 

Design Sustainable Packaging 

Putting a sustainable product in packaging that isn’t may not seem like a big deal. But in reality, it can be. Consumers who take sustainability seriously pay attention to the details, and packaging is one of those details. 

Sustainable tech companies must extend their eco-friendly efforts to their products’ packaging. Whether it’s boxed, bagged, or packaged another way, sustainable packing materials should be used. 

Graphic designers can play a part in designing sustainable packaging for each device. Alternative ink choices, bamboo paper, recyclable poly mailers, and cork boxes are just a few sustainable packing materials graphic designers take advantage of. 

Better Collaboration Between Key Departments 

Internal team collaboration must evolve for sustainable tech to become more widely used. When departments don’t communicate or work together well, it can disrupt the workflow, altering product quality and how that product is pushed to customers. 

On the other hand, when key departments work together seamlessly, the products come out a lot better, and the promotional aspects do too. 

Sustainable tech companies should improve interdepartmental communication and collaboration between marketing and product development departments. The more well-established a working relationship is between the marketing and product development departments, the better all processes can eventually be — whether that includes visual content or the actual products themselves. Together, both teams can come up with graphic design concepts that are true to the products and appealing to consumers. 

Effective marketing can increase the awareness and use of sustainable technology, particularly with the help of high-quality graphic design. Take graphic design more seriously, and any sustainable tech company can secure the future of their tech devices.