Nowadays there are many ways to meet foreigners on the Internet. This can be done on dating sites, special forums and chat rooms, or use the services of marriage agencies.

It doesn't matter which method you choose to meet, it's important to make the right choice. Even after carefully studying the profiles of potential suitors and their answers to questions posed during correspondence, you will still doubt something. And it is right. Where is the guarantee that the information they provide is true?

How to check information?

The first thing that can dispel your doubts is face-to-face communication. Today, this has become possible thanks to the development of the World Wide Web - a huge number of people communicate through a webcam. Live communication with the man you like can test him for lice, sanity and compatibility. Sometimes it is enough just to look into the eyes of your interlocutor and talk with him for a short time in order to stop doubting his sincerity or, conversely, to doubt him even more.

Connecting the webcam

How to communicate with a man via webcam

To communicate online, both you and your potential fiancé must have a webcam installed. Today, almost all laptops have it. In addition, most new cell phones and some digital cameras can also be used as a webcam.

If you don't have a webcam, you can buy one and easily install it. Most cameras and headsets are connected via a USB connector. Then in the settings you need to adjust the sound, color and video quality. Almost all cameras have a built-in microphone. If you don't like the sound quality, you can purchase a special microphone for your computer.

The second thing you need to do is install a special program on your computer with which you can communicate online. There are many such programs today, but the most popular of them are MSN and Skype. Learning to use them does not present any problems even for a user who is far from computer issues. The installed program will automatically find the webcam on the computer, provide a clear image during video communication and make it possible to enlarge it to the entire monitor, maintaining good quality.

In addition to webcams, you can communicate online through special video chats and Internet services. Such applications are quite easy to find on the Internet. But Skype remains the most popular program for communicating via webcam.

What to remember when communicating via Skype

Online communication via Skype between its users is completely free, so there is no need to spend money on international calls. This is if you have unlimited Internet. If you charge for traffic, then such communication will be unprofitable: in just half an hour of conversation you use 40 MB of traffic. But in any case, you will be satisfied with the video quality, and frame pause at an Internet speed of 115 kB/sec will be only 1.5 seconds.

It is also necessary to pay attention to one more circumstance: in order for the webcam to work well, you need to ensure normal lighting. To do this, just turn on the table lamp.

If you decide to meet someone online, you should remember that you may immediately become confused in front of the camera. Training video communication with friends in this case will come in handy.

Don't be discouraged if your first conversation with a foreigner doesn't quite work out. If you feel uncomfortable in front of him through your accent, tell him that at first you will type some of your phrases. Feel free to ask a foreigner to repeat some words and try to write them down in your dictionary for study.

It is better to conduct your first conversations on Skype at home and completely alone. This will make you feel at ease and relaxed, and your conversation in a foreign language will not attract the attention of your household. Otherwise, ask them not to disturb or distract you during online conversations.

If you are not confident in communicating in a foreign language, then a school skill will come in handy. Namely, memorizing the material. Write some interesting stories about yourself and learn them. Now you will have something to tell a foreigner about yourself. And copy new unfamiliar words onto a cheat sheet and attach it to the monitor. During the conversation you can peek.

In order for the conversation to be interesting and avoid awkward pauses, it is advisable to think through its plan in advance. At first, you can use a regular questionnaire: ask your interlocutor to tell you about his country, city, profession and hobbies. Over time, new topics for communication will appear, and your vocabulary will be enriched. This will allow you to have free and relaxed conversations online.

How to recognize a false groom?

Everyone knows that there are a lot of dishonest people on dating sites. Therefore, when communicating, try to ask a question that interests you in a different interpretation and after some time. This is a good method for identifying such people. Sooner or later the interlocutor will become confused in his answers, which will indicate his insincerity.

In ordinary correspondence, it is quite difficult to identify a false fiancé, since before sending the letter is reread and adjusted in accordance with previously sent messages in order to avoid detection of lies. Face-to-face dialogue does not tolerate hesitations and long thoughts. Uncertainty and confusion in the eyes, and long pauses will certainly indicate that the interlocutor is not telling the truth.

Another advantage of Skype is that here you can see the number of registered interlocutors in the contacts of a possible groom. If there are too many of them registered, it often means that your foreigner is fooling many victims at the same time. Although it is not excluded that his work forces him to communicate with many people. Or simply very passionate about the Internet space.

Live communication greatly reduces the time that can be spent on a fictitious groom. After all, it's unrealistic to be nice to a woman on a webcam when your children and your legal wife are nearby? If your potential groom categorically refuses to communicate via Skype, then he often has something to hide. Even the fact that he contacts you once a week should alert you, and the background often changes behind his back. In this case, there is a high probability that he is keeping your online affair a secret and therefore is forced to contact you from an Internet cafe or ask for a computer from his friends.

A categorical refusal to communicate in person may indicate another common type of deception: the candidate posted photographs of himself in which he is younger and slimmer. And now he's embarrassed to appear in his real form. Or it happens that the photo posted is not even his, but taken from the Internet. The goal of such pseudo-grooms is to have a good time online. He is not looking for meetings with his interlocutor, especially not going to marry her.

Using Skype you can avoid stress and disappointment from unfulfilled hopes. You just need to learn how to use it correctly, like a “weapon”. And you shouldn't feel complex about your lack of knowledge of a foreign language. Often, just one look and a few words are enough to understand whether you have a future with your interlocutor.