There is something so special about the prom. Many would call it a well-deserved rite of passage. It is symbolic of leaving childhood and entering adulthood. After all, you have spent years in junior and senior school. It only makes sense that you shrug off those years with a befitting reward. And that is a night of fun, dance, food, and drinks. 

What you may not know is that the prom tradition has been around since the 1800s. At the time, wealthy, privileged families would attend university dances. Only at that time the organizers and attendees used the full name promenade. 

It wasn't until the late 1890s that the social parties moved on to senior classes in high schools. The dressing for boys was a Sunday best, while the ladies wore party dresses they inherited from their mothers. 

Well, the trend to look your best carries on to date. Anyone who has attended prom night will tell you about the stress of preparing for the big day. The key concerns are what to wear, how much to spend and where to shop. Allow us to help you choose the perfect party dress for your prom night.  

Decide On the Design for Your Prom Dress

The design pretty much depends on what you like as an individual. You can decide to go with the current trends. That will mean checking out what is in style and seeing if anything appeals to you. 

 The internet will prove to be a valuable companion at this time. Go through social media platforms to see what the celebrities, influencers, or the people you follow are wearing. The beauty of the internet is that you can buy the dress from anywhere. You could be living in New York or Alabama. Yet you can get your outfit from boutique clothing ecommerce boutiques. The sellers will be happy to ship it to wherever you are.  

On the other hand, you can also visit women’s boutiques in your area so you can get a closer look at party dresses. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to be able to feel the fabric of the dresses and of course try them on.

If you have a knack for design, you can put your creativity down on paper. You must then find a tailor who can transform your idea into an outfit. 

The prom dress rule of thumb is to pick a formal dress. Also, think about how you intend to spend the evening. If you will hit the dance floor many times, you want a flexible outfit with a comfortable fit.  

Consider Your Body Shape

Your body shape should be a critical factor when deciding the type of party prom dress. 

  • A short hem and empire waist will give you a nice silhouette for a full figure.
  • An hour or pear shape can pretty much wear any design. Experiment with a cinched-in waist and keep the hemline about your knee
  • The triangle shape looks great with a long bodice and full skirt. The trick is to balance out the widest part of the body, the hips. 
  • An inverted triangle shape requires drawing attention away from the heavier or fuller top. So in terms of necklines, it should be simple with no bows or ruffles. You may also want to consider a fuller skirt to create the illusion of balance. 
  • You will want to achieve a silhouette of curves if you are slender. An A-line or bubble dress is a good choice. For the hemline, the longer, the better. 
  • With an apple shape, try and draw attention to your midsection. The other alternative is to show off your legs with a short hemline. 
  • For a petite figure, avoid any outfit that looks like it is overwhelming you. Full-length skirts, for instance, can appear rather big on your tiny figure. Emphasize your upper body or waistline. Use jewelry and hair accessories to draw attention to your face or upper body. 

Prom Dress Color

When choosing the prom dress color, you have as much freedom as the design. Unless it is a themed night, go with what you like. Here are some tips: 

  • Choose a palette that compliments your skin tone or hair color. Redheads, for example, look great with purple, blue, and green. Blondes can get away with bold colors like red and blue. 
  • Go for bold colors if you have dark skin. For lighter skin tones, pastels will bring out your natural beauty. You have many choices with green, baby pink, and pastel blue. 
  • Those in the medium skin tone range can go for the earthier or warm undertones. Go ahead and try brown, red, or yellow for your party dress.  
  • We talked about body shape above but not in reference to color. You can play up on colors to make yourself look bigger or smaller. Dark colors like black can make you look leaner if you have a heavier shape. 

Set Aside a Budget

You have probably been saving up for prom night. But your money is supposed to take care of everything, including the dress, shoes, makeup, and hair. 

A good idea is to allocate a specific amount for your prom dress. You already know what you want in the design from the above step. Your internet search on online clothing boutiques should have given you a pretty good idea of how much you can expect to spend.

Other Important Considerations

Please allocate sufficient time when shopping for your party dress. This is important if you need to make any alterations to the outfit. 

Also, consider the accessories you want to wear with the party dress. This includes your shoes, handbag, and jewelry. Check what you have in your wardrobe or jewelry collection for some of these items. That way, you don't have to get cash from your tight prom night budget. 

Please note that your shoes are a critical part of the ensemble. The most important consideration is your level of comfort. Tight-fitting closed-toe shoes, for example, may not be a good idea if you will be on your feet for a long time.

The same applies to high heels, no matter how glamorous they look. A medium heel with ankle straps will look elegant and stylish. They also look great with short hems, high low cuts, or flared dresses. 

Open tools and flat heels are a better option. If you go for this, treat yourself to a pedicure. No one wants to see unsightly toes peeking out. 

Final Thoughts

It is your prom night, so you should be in an outfit that makes you look glamorous. You have the freedom to choose the color and design as per your preference. But, you may want to consider some of the tips we have shared above. 

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone. The design should also flatter or accentuate your figure. Otherwise, congratulations on achieving this important milestone of entering adulthood.