When it comes to looking after those elderly relatives, you should think about investing in a medical alert system. But how do you know which one to get? You want to get the best medical alert devices that you can afford. However, what does this mean? Well, if you have no idea what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. This article will give you a little insight into what you need to be looking out for and what you should be considering when purchasing a medical alert system. 

In-home vs mobile

This is one of the first considerations you need to make. An in-home system is better for those people that don’t spend too much time outside. This means they will likely have someone, a caregiver, who does most of their chores for them but doesn’t have anyone that lives with them. A mobile device is for someone who is a little more active and spends time outside on their own. Having both is obviously an option but can be quite expensive. You need to assess the need of the person it is for. If they are more home-bound, then an in-home system is probably better. 

Fall detection

Many medical alert systems tend to focus on seizures and organ failures. However, these are not the only threats that senior people face. Falling and tripping and some of the biggest contributors to the damage to the elderly. Fortunately, some devices offer the add-on for automatic fall detection. This can mean that should the elderly person be alone and have a fall that someone will be alerted and can send help. This is not a universal add-on though so make sure to ask if it is included in your package. 

Who answers the call?

Most medical services outsource their call centers. This is why it is important to find out who is getting your alert and who will be attempting to help. You can ask the provider who their call center is with and ask about their credentials. It may take a little bit of investigating because they may try to say it is their own. Some medical alert system companies own their own call center and recent research has shown that these ones tend to have better response times and better care. Don’t get fooled by the salesman

Can you afford one

If you are living on a strict budget, then this may be of real concern. Depending on what kind of package you need and how much care is required, the cost can range from as low as $20 up to around $100. It all depends on how many add-ons you are looking for and for who you are looking to cover.

Choosing a medical alert system

Unfortunately, there is a lot to consider and there can be immense amounts of pressure on getting it right. However, you should speak to a specialist company if you are having any fears. They will be able to guide you through a purchase before you commit to one.