When a girl is interested in how to choose a women's watch, despite the dominance of smartphones and other "smart" wrist devices, this means that she appreciates them not only for their functionality, but also for the opportunity to emphasize their image. Indeed, among the fair sex, watches have almost completely moved into the category of fashion accessories.

Laconic minimalism or ornate vintage, avant-garde art deco charm or unisex liberalism... There is really something to choose from among the wide variety of women's watches. But what should be your wrist chronometer? Should watches have a versatile style to match any wardrobe, or is it better to get a whole collection for every outing? Women will probably answer that you need several accessories. But it can be difficult for men to choose women's watches. Let's find out how to do it.

Choice of women's watch style

When choosing a watch for your beloved as a present, first of all you need to think about whether she will like it or not. For example, a business lady will prefer an elegant classic model, and a young fashionista will most likely want the most fashionable gadget in a modern design with many additional features as a gift.

To choose a women's watch, it is important to take into account the age, occupation and even the nature of their future owner. Most manufacturers offer watches made in the following styles:

Classic-style ladies watches usually look restrained and concise. Their dial is decorated in one shade, most often black or white, the size of the watch is small or medium, and the strap is leather or metal in the color of the case.

Pre-Owned Watches

Fashion designer watches can look completely different, it all depends on the imagination of their creator. They differ in unusual shape, size, dial design, non-standard color schemes.

A watch in a romantic style will suit feminine and sophisticated ladies. Usually they are decorated with a floral print, made in pastel colors, and their shape emphasizes the fragile, graceful female wrist. These are either mechanical or quartz watches, as electronics cannot look vintage.

Sports watches are often complemented with useful features, such as heart rate and pressure sensors. Their case is water and shock resistant, the design is bright and youthful. Such an accessory is large in size, always with a backlit dial.

Unisex watches usually have a rectangular shape, although recently girls are increasingly preferring a purely masculine version - a large round dial with large numbers and hands on a wide strap.

How to choose women's watches so that they fit everything? Of course, based on the content of your companion's wardrobe. Large sports models will look out of place with a delicate silk dress, and, conversely, a classic miniature accessory with a metal bracelet is completely incompatible with jeans and sneakers. The best option would be to purchase several models of watches that are suitable for all occasions under any outfit.

Step-by-step instruction

Step #1. Mechanism selection

It is best to choose a women's wrist watch with a quartz movement. Batteries in them will serve uninterruptedly from two to five years. Also, it is quartz watches that can have absolutely any design and material of execution. These models come even without a winding head, and you can transfer the arrows to them using a special pin.

Now more and more women prefer expensive status watches with automatic winding. They do not require rewinding of the spring during constant wear, look luxurious and stylish, and are also a symbol of durability. Watches with a mechanical winding are much heavier than quartz ones, this must be taken into account, since for a fragile thin wrist, the constant wearing of such an accessory can be very uncomfortable.

Step #2. Shape and size

If you want the selected watch model to please its owner, be sure to consider what shape and what size the accessory will best suit your girlfriend. After all, it happens that a watch, seemingly beautiful in itself, does not look at all on the hand.

First, decide what size the dial should be. It is best to put the watch on your wrist and look at it from the side. For women with thin hands, models with a large body are definitely not suitable, although they are the most popular among the fair sex. Such watches will look ridiculous, attract attention and bring disharmony to the image. Large round and square dials will look great on a full hand or a wide wrist, they will visually make the image more elegant and hide some volume. Miniature girls are perfect for watches with an oval case on a thin strap or bracelet.

Step #3. Strap or bracelet

It is important that the strap fits the size of the wrist. The watch should not hang on the hand, but when the accessory digs into the skin, creating folds, it also looks very ugly.

Watches on a metal bracelet can sit freely, they must s easy to move on the wrist. It is allowed to wear the watch both with the dial outward and inward. It depends only on personal preferences, since neither fashion nor etiquette dictate such rules.