Creating viral content is one of the techniques that online marketers attempt to use in creating a successful video on YouTube. This type of content really depends on the niche and video they shoot. Through this article, we will share many tips and guides in creating trending videos (a.k.a., "going viral") in different niches and subjects aside from online marketing.

Pick a single topic.

There are a lot of ways to create a viral video, but one thing for sure is that you need to pick only one topic or idea to cover. This way, your viewers will be able to understand what's going on in the video and will be able to relate to it. 

For example, if you're creating a video about marketing automation software, you should be talking about how it can help businesses grow while keeping them organized. You can still cover other topics related to marketing automation software, like how it can help you save time and money, but keep in mind that your primary focus should be on the former. 

When creating a video, the best thing to do is focus on one topic or idea at a time. For example, if you're making a video about marketing automation software, you should be talking about how it can help businesses grow while keeping them organized.

Make sure your content is unique.

While it's essential to use various types of content, you must also make sure that everything you're publishing is unique. If you've already posted something similar on your blog or another platform, don't just re-use the same content in a different format. Instead, try creating new content with a slightly different focus while still covering the same topics. 

After writing a blog post about a specific topic, don't just repurpose that content into an Infographic. Instead, take some time to create something new that covers a different aspect of your topic or tells a different story than what's already out there. It will help you stay ahead of your competition and ensure that people are coming back to your site for more information.

Take a look at what online users are looking up online.

When creating content, you must consider the keywords online users search for. If you can create something that covers a topic in-depth and includes keywords that people are likely to use when searching for more information, you'll have an easier time getting found. 

Don't forget the basics. While you should definitely try to include less common keywords and phrases in your content, don't skip over the basics. It's good to have a solid foundation of general keywords that people use when looking for information relevant to your niche. That way, you can be sure that your content will be found in search results—even if it's not the number one result. Once you've established this base, you can try getting more specific with other keywords and phrases.

Create a trailer video.

A trailer video is a short (usually one-minute) video that gives viewers a preview of what they can expect to see if they click through to your website. It's important because it helps build trust with potential customers, which makes them more likely to click on your content in the first place. You can use the same keywords and phrases you used in other parts of your marketing material, but make sure that it also conveys the value of what people will find when they visit your site. 

Creating a trailer video highlighting certain benefits of your product or service is also a good idea. For example, sell an online course on how to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Including testimonials from past students who have gone through the course and gained valuable insights might be beneficial.

Aim at a specific niche.

To market a product or service, it's best to aim at a specific niche rather than trying to appeal to everyone. You might be familiar with the line "the more narrow your target audience is, the better." This one is best applied when it comes to online marketing since a huge number of businesses compete for attention. By narrowing down who you want to reach and what problem they have (or will have), you'll be able to create more targeted content that resonates with people who are looking for help with that particular issue. 


By focusing on a specific niche, you'll be able to create more targeted content that resonates with people who are looking for help with that particular issue.

Create videos regularly.

The best way to create a video is to treat it like it's an obligation—because it is. Videos are the most effective means of communicating with your audience, so make sure you're creating them regularly and sharing them on all your platforms. Don't just throw together some footage in hopes that viewers will enjoy it; instead, focus on creating something that provides value to your audience and helps them solve a problem they have. 

How often should you make videos? As a starting point, we recommend making at least one video every two weeks. This is what the majority does, and it works well. Remember, be patient as you experiment and determine the one that will work best for you and your business..

Optimize titles and descriptions that are searchable.

Titles and descriptions are what search engines are using to determine the content of your video. This is crucial because if you don't optimize them correctly, they will show up in the wrong search results and won't be seen by anyone who's looking for your content. If you're using a platform like YouTube or Vimeo, ensure you fill out all of their metadata fields, including title, description, tags, and more. 

Our recommendation is to focus on making the title and description searchable. In other words, use words that people will use to look for content that is similar to yours. Not only will this help your video get found when people are searching for it, but it will also make sure that your video shows up in the suggested videos section of YouTube (and other platforms).

Indeed, creating trending videos for YouTube does not happen overnight. You will have to produce more than just one kind of video to ensure that you have a quality recording device and an excellent internet speed. Whether you are looking to become famous as a YouTuber or earn some extra income on the side, you should keep in mind this guide to creating trending videos.