It can be a lot easier to feel body confident during the colder months of the year when you can conceal any problem areas in an abundance of layers. However, when the sun starts to shine and temperatures rise, you will have to get used to the idea of showing a little more skin.

If even the idea of exposing your body this summer fills you with dread, then you need to read on. Discover all the top body confidence tips that guarantee to make you feel more comfortable and confident this summer.

Ignore fashion trends

When it comes to dressing for the summer, you should never jump on the latest fashion trends as, more often than not, these only look good on catwalk models. Instead, look to buy clothes that flatter your body type, as well as ones that make you feel better about yourself.

If you do want to try out a new trend, embrace a trending color or pattern rather than a particular garment or style.

Practice self-love

If you don't love yourself, you are never going to feel comfortable in your skin, so this is something that you must practice. Although you may find this hard at first, especially if you have spent most of your life hating the way you look, it will be worth the effort, believe us.

Start by telling yourself what you like about yourself. This could be your sparkling eyes, long and lustrous hair, or shapely legs. Remember, your body is not the enemy, and you need to treat it right if you want to feel good about it.

Focus on eating nourishing foods

Rather than restricting what you eat in the run-up to summer, focusing your efforts on eating foods that nourish your body is much better. For example, if you want your skin to have a natural glow, you should increase your intake of omega-rich foods such as oily fish, seeds, and nuts.

Also, when it comes to fruit and vegetables, try to “eat a rainbow” which means opt for as many different colored ones as possible.

Don't compare yourself to others

Although this can seem almost impossible, you should try not to compare yourself to others, as there will always be someone thinner or younger than you. It doesn't matter if you work out every day and live on just lettuce and water, you will never be truly happy in how you look if you look to others for reassurance.

Instead, focus on finding what makes you feel good about yourself. This could be having silky smooth legs courtesy of The Aesthetics Lab, an all-over tan, or perfectly applied make-up. Whatever it is that puts a smile on your face in the morning and makes you feel positive when looking in the mirror.

The bottom line

Confidence is not about what you look like on the outside, but how you feel on the inside, so, if you want to feel body confident this summer, you need to work on your self-esteem rather than fixate on your physical appearance.