Want to burn calories, build muscle, and get in shape fast? Then these five essential tips are exactly what you’ve been looking for. When it comes to peoples’ body image, there are usually specific things that everyone want to change. Some are related to their figure, but for others, it is a lack of muscle and strength.

The good news is that anyone can get in shape fast. You don’t need to run up a mountain every single day for five years to see results. Within a matter of weeks and months, you can start to see results. Often, these results are referred to as ‘newbie gains’. Then, in the months following, you can get into even better shape and maintain it for years to come, which is something to be very excited about!

So, let’s get down to business and address the reason why you’re here: you want to know how to get in shape fast – no messing around, no tricks. To get started, read and apply the five tips listed below.

1. Hire a Personal Trainer

In the modern age of health and fitness, the smartest move that you can make is to hire a personal trainer Brighton based. The advantages of hiring a personal trainer are endless, from training you how to lift free weights to providing personalized nutritional advice. Sure, it’s still possible to get in shape without one – but it’s much harder to do. Therefore, the best plan of action is to commit to hiring a personal trainer for 3-6 months, start getting results fast, and then take it from there. With the knowledge you’ve learned, you can likely carry on your fitness journey solo. 

2. Run 20 Minutes a Day

Many people assume that you need to run for hours a day to see results: but this isn’t true. A short 20-minute run four to five times a week is more than enough for you to start shedding fat and building some core muscles. Not to mention, you will also improve your cardiovascular health and will likely notice improvements to your resting heart rate. Pro Tip: Buy a fitness smartwatch to wear on your wrist. This will help you track your runs, from a distance covered to your heart rate.

3. Drink Lots of Water!

The more water you have in your muscles, the better they function. In addition to this, it can also increase your muscles’ size capacity. In other words, drinking water makes it easier to grow bigger muscles. These days, most fitness and gym fanatics use a water-tracking app on their smartphones to calculate how much water they should drink every day.

4. Switch to a High-Protein Diet

Protein is great for getting in shape – especially when if you’re focused on muscle gain. Salmon, eggs, and chicken breasts are good examples of foods that are high in protein. If you work with a personal trainer, they will likely be able to provide you with a meal plan that you can follow.

5. Be Consistent

There will be days when you don’t feel like working out or going to the gym. The key is to battle through them and resist the urge to be lazy. This will help ensure that you get in shape fast and don’t lose any results!