Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a degree from an ivy school college in order to make a great living. If you know you’re not interested in pursuing an educational career and racking up thousands of dollars in student debt, you should begin to explore other viable options.

Becoming a car salesman is an excellent career path. There’s plenty of room for growth and it’s easy to get started in this industry. Plus, this job is always in demand as there are millions of car sales happening every year in the United States. The average car salesman in the U.S makes around $61,150 per year. However, those that excel in the role can make anywhere from $90k to $250k a year.

If this sounds like a job you would be interested in, you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know about getting a job in car sales. 

Refine Your Skills

Think about what skills are necessary to become a car salesman and write them down on a list. We would say customer service, interpersonal, financial, negotiation, and listening skills are fairly important just to name a few.

Next, think about how you can improve these different skills and try to tackle one or two exercises a day. Similarly, you’ll need to soak up all the knowledge you can. For example, what models feature the best car battery? Which is the safest car currently on the market?  

Get Qualified

In order to become a salesman, you will also need to go through all the relevant qualifications. This typically involves finishing your high school diploma or GED. You could get a college degree in business, marketing and sales, or finance, however, this is not necessary.

Depending on the state you work in, you could be required to obtain a licence before you can sell cars. Lastly, you will benefit from gaining relevant work experience. This doesn’t have to be within the car industry. It simply helps to have practice in customer-facing roles.

Delight Your Clients

Most importantly, to become the best car salesman you can be, you need to know how to delight your clients. Learn to truly listen to their requests and scope out the most relevant vehicles in the market.

Remember to always have a positive attitude and come across as friendly and approachable as you can. Clients want to feel safe in your care and they need to sense that you are genuinely a nice person.

Overall, it’s important to continuously develop your skills. Never take anything for granted. Push yourself to learn new sales techniques and the latest news in your industry. If you constantly strive to better yourself as a car salesman, you will begin to reap the financial benefits this brings. Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to start thinking about your career more seriously. Follow our three steps and we’re sure you’ll see great success in the car sales industry.