YouTube subscribers play an important role in the development and growth of a channel. This is especially true for young writers who have respectable ideas but have no incentive to bring them to life because there are too little subscribers.

YouTube subscribers take a special place in channel promotion:

  • by the number of subscribers you can determine the popularity of the blogger and the demand for his or her content in the YouTube community;
  • determine the competitiveness of the channel;
  • subs are judges who choose whether or not they are interested in this format. The more subscribers you have, the better it is for the performance and inspiration of the channel's author.

With the arrival of a large number of new subscribers the blogger begins to take responsibility for words and actions. When there are too few of them, the author has no discipline and can do whatever he or she wants.

If you gather at least 100 thousand loyal subscribers, you can achieve great results in the future, mainly due to the support of the main audience. Even when a video blogger is going through tough times, the audience stays with him/her and doesn't go anywhere.

Why do people need subscribers on YouTube

Most people create a channel for the purpose of promoting their business and generating income. Motivating factors can also be the promotion of their products, a way of self-expression. Some users use it as a place to store certain information, personal content.

Interest in the channel and increasing the number of subscribers is a very important factor if you plan to monetize the channel in the future.

How to increase YouTube subscribers

Make quality content

The concept of quality is relative. You can have any niche, there will be viewers even if you're just eating on camera. The main thing is to do it in a fun and cheerful way. But seriously, in any case, the picture must be at a high level: no one will look at the pixel image. Bad sound is no good either. Very few people will try to hear the words if other sounds disturb them.

Buy YouTube subscribers from trusted platforms

Often, in order to quickly get the number of subscribers, channel owners want to buy YouTube subscribers. To avoid the risk of channel blocking, do it in the most legal ways possible. Remember that the system monitors the natural behavior of subscribers on the channel and the quality of their accounts and activity. In order to get results and activity on the channel, the subscribers have to be real.

Optimize all videos

Optimization is needed for YouTube to better understand what the video is about and find a relevant audience for it (those who are already interested in similar or related topics that are more likely to want to watch and subscribe).

You should begin optimization with the selection of key phrases. These are queries by which users can theoretically search for your content. You can pick them up in the search cues on YouTube itself: you type a query in the search bar that reflects the subject of your video and see what people are looking for. And then you save the appropriate phrases.

Found keywords and phrases can be used in the title, description and tags.

Keep your audience engaged

The activity of viewers will depend on how often YouTube will recommend videos. The scheme goes something like this:

  • First the algorithms show the video to a small audience.
  • Then they track their reaction: viewing time, retention, likes, comments, clicks on the icon (preview), and more.
  • If these indicators are good, they show the video next.

You can get good results first of all with high-quality and interesting content.

Respond to comments

If there are hundreds or thousands of comments, it's going to be hard to respond to each one. If you're just starting to promote on YouTube, try to communicate more closely with your viewers. The more comments they leave under the video, the better it is for the algorithms. You don't have time to respond - at least use the "Like author" tags: people will see that you are responding to their opinion and will be a little more active.

Run competition

The easiest way to boost engagement quickly is to create a giveaway with simple conditions for participation. Invite viewers to like, comment, or repost for a valuable prize.

Giveaway will not only help to increase activity, but also to attract new subscribers.

Promote your channel in different ways

It is important not only to make high-quality content, but also to actively promote it. There are tools where you have to pay for each click or the fact of placing ads, and there are free ways of promotion.

Mutual PR

This is when you advertise some blogger and he in return leaves a link to you and no one pays money to anyone. To make the exchange fair, look for channels with about the same number of subscribers as yours. And also compare audiences: look at your Creative Studio and ask the blogger to send screenshots of his analytics. If you shoot for men over 35 and his viewers are girls under 25, mutual advertising is unlikely to have the desired effect.

Advertising through Google Ads

This is a service for contextual and video advertising. You choose the right videos and formats, set up impressions for a specific audience (by gender, age, interests, keywords), monitor the effectiveness and optimize the ads. You can start by studying the analytics: find out which people are already watching you (it's worth engaging an audience with rather similar characteristics).

To recap

Promoting on YouTube is a lot of work. You have to constantly experiment with pitches, compare the statistics of different videos, pick up new keywords, and so on. But the main thing is not to give up and produce videos regularly. You shouldn't expect a big increase in your audience after the first publications.

But the more videos you upload the more total viewing time (and your experience in blogging) the easier it is to gain an audience and monetize your channel.

And to make it go faster, you can learn from the experience of already famous bloggers with millions of subscribers.