Every customer that enters a restaurant has a set of expectations. If those expectations are not met, they will likely walk away without leaving a good tip and with no intention to return. Even worse, they might tell people to avoid the restaurant via an online review or to their friends and family.

On the other hand, if restaurants go above and beyond those expectations, customers will likely leave large tips, return, and tell their friends that they must visit, too. As a restaurant, that's what your aim is. The question is, how do you achieve that?

To gain those five-star reviews and positive word of mouth, here's how to give all your customers the best restaurant experience.

Restaurant Tech

Customer expectations have evolved over the years. Previously, customers expected five-star service from staff. Now, many expect technology assistance to make their dining experience even better.

Whether you're a small diner or a fine dining restaurant, technology such as digital menu boards, contactless ordering, and restaurant apps will ensure each customer receives the best service ever. Interested in improving your restaurant's technology? RSS provides a range of solutions for all restaurant styles and sizes.

Friendly and Highly Trained Staff

One thing that leaves an impression on customers is customer service. How customers get treated by servers heavily impacts their overall experience. The customer won't feel comfortable or welcome if servers rush about and make mistakes. On the other hand, if staff are attentive and friendly, the customer will feel happy with such a personalized service. That's what you should aim for. 

An Up-to-date Menu

A refined, up-to-date menu makes a world of difference to a customer's restaurant experience. The menu shouldn't be too short or too long; instead, it should have meals that represent the best of your chefs while considering the season and the various diets of your customers. Having a vegan/gluten-free menu is a massive plus!

Excellent Décor and Atmosphere

When your customers step into your restaurant, you want them to marvel at the décor while feeling endlessly comfortable and welcomed. To do that, pay attention to color, lighting, and space. Think about a theme, too. For example, if you're a seafood restaurant, you might decorate with ocean-inspired tiles and place an aquarium toward the front.

Efficiency and Speed

Many diners don't want to spend hours lounging at a restaurant. Instead, many require an efficient but enjoyable experience that leaves them feeling welcomed and well-fed. When training staff, prioritize getting everyone up to the same speed levels. With everyone working in unison, you create an efficient restaurant that puts the customer first.

Incredible Food

Last but certainly not least, incredible food is what makes a great customer experience. No matter how exceptional the service and décor are, customers won't leave happy if the food isn't up to scratch. After all, restaurants are all about the eating experience!

To improve the food, train your staff and develop new and inspiring menu ideas. Purchasing high-quality, local food also makes a world of difference to the final dish. Plus, customers value local produce.

Using the above tips, your diners will leave the restaurant with only great things to say about the experience. As a result of this, you'll find that business blooms!