Most of the relationship advice that is online is aimed at couples who have recently got together or is based around couples who have recently had children, are about to get married, or buy a home. However, there is little advice relating to couples who have been together for longer than this, and it's fair to say that when you have been with your partner for around 15 to 20 years, it can be very tough to keep that initial spark going.

This is not to say that your relationship must fail or become miserable, as there are many ways you and your partner can spice it up and fall in love with each other over and over again. This article will set down some tips to help you stay attuned to your partner and happy in your relationship.

Explore Toys

This can be a bit of a taboo subject, especially for older couples, but the use of sex toys can be a great addition to your bedroom activity with your partner. Websites like My Amazing Fantasy can offer sex toys at low costs, allowing you to explore the different types and varieties that are available and boosting your sex life at the same time. Great.

Take Health Seriously

As you get older, health conditions can likely cause issues for either you or your partner, and it is important for the sake of keeping your relationship happy that you take this seriously and practice empathy. If your partner is not feeling well due to arthritis or another condition, you should not pressure them into doing things that will make them feel worse. Plus, you should always be attending doctor's appointments to keep your health checks up to date.


A key thing that a lot of couples enjoy later in life is physical intimacy, usually in the form of cuddles. Cuddles are a great way to show affection and mutual respect and to just maintain physical contact for a longer period. Best of all, cuddles can lead to falling asleep in each other's arms (very romantic), can lead to sex, or simply watching a film together. So, they have a multitude of uses in a relationship.

Make Time for Each Other

Even if you are retired, it can be easy to forget to make time for each other, and it is well worth setting at least one day of the week aside to spend solely with your partner. This can be in the home or could involve a trip out to a local park, cafe, or even shopping.

Do Things for Each Other

When you are new to a relationship, you want to do everything that you can for your partner, Yet, as time goes on, it can slip to the back of your mind. Doing things every day for your partner will help you to practice empathy for them and will also allow them to feel appreciated. Even if it is something as simple as making a cup of tea every morning or making your loved one breakfast, this can go a long way to making your relationship happy.