Your kitchen cabinets greatly influence the way the kitchen looks. You might see them as a way to store your pans, plates, and seldom-used kitchen appliances, but they are far more than that. Well-designed kitchen cabinets will elevate your kitchen’s overall design and value, whereas poor kitchen cabinets will do the opposite. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to them and give them the spruce up they deserve – here is how.

Get them Refaced or Refinished

You don’t have to replace your kitchen cabinets entirely to enjoy a refreshed appearance! You have the option of either cabinet refacing or refinishing. Cabinet refinishing involves adding a stain or paint to the existing doors, making them look brand new. Cabinet refacing involves removing the cabinet to sand down and replace the cabinets. In this case, you can choose an entirely new color for your kitchen cabinets, which has the potential to transform the kitchen space! While these options won’t change the cabinet’s layout, they will still make a big difference to the appearance. It’s like a cabinet makeover.

Add New Handles

If you’re opting for a more straightforward way to spruce up the cabinets, consider adding new handles – especially if your current ones are old and tired. The color and material you choose matter the most here. If you have dark blue cupboards, a pretty bronze or gold shade will look amazing. For gray cupboards, you might go with a muted appearance by choosing white cabinet door handles. Materials like brass, bronze, steel, and wood all work well for cabinet handles.

Open a Couple of Cabinets

Do you find that your kitchen cabinets look a bit boring and monotonous? Instead of pulling each one out and creating new ones, you can divide up the straight line of cabinets by pulling just a couple of them out to make way for open cabinets. For example, if you have five cabinets in a row, you could get rid of the middle one and build shelves in its presence instead, creating an open cabinet. It even provides an opportunity for further improvement, as you can store attractive ornaments, décor, and kitchen equipment on these shelves. For example, if you have an aesthetically pleasing knife rack you don’t want to hide away, place it inside your brand-new open cabinet!

Declutter and Clean Inside

While the outside of the cabinets is what you see the most, it’s still crucial to maintain the inside. Otherwise, your kitchen won’t look so great as soon as you open your cabinets with everything looking cluttered and messy! So, spend some time decluttering and cleaning the inside – especially if you haven’t done it in a while. In addition, you can use it as an opportunity to get rid of old kitchen equipment or cupboard food you no longer need.

With just a bit more attention, your kitchen cabinets can look fabulous in no time. With a cabinet refinish, a lick of paint, or new handles, you’ll see how much impact the much-needed storage points have on the kitchen’s overall design.