Some people might turn their nose up at small gardens, but compact outdoor spaces actually have many advantages. They are far easier to maintain than larger gardens, the upkeep takes a lot less time, and they are more affordable to decorate. With a bit of creativity and know-how, you can also make them look bigger than they actually are. Here are a few top tips to help you maximize your outdoor space and create an attractive garden.

Clean and Tidy Your Garden Regularly

All outdoor areas need a bit of maintenance to help them shine, and this could not be truer than when it comes to small gardens. Compact gardens are not blessed with a lot of floor space, which means you need to get into the habit of cleaning and tidying your garden regularly. Keeping your garden clutter-free can make it appear bigger. It will also make it more obvious when certain areas need more attention, such as grubby tiles, dying plants and faded fences.

Create a Vertical Garden

Creating a vertical garden is an effective solution when it comes to making your garden seem larger. Vertical gardens are aesthetically pleasing outdoor features that allow gardeners to make the most of small spaces. This type of garden is basically a wall covered with plants. These plants can be grown over garden structures, on a trellis, in containers, and on garden netting. They are easy to maintain and can make your garden appear bigger by drawing the eyes towards the sky instead of towards the minimal floor space. Vertical gardens are fantastic for apartments with balconies, and with good lighting they can even be grown indoors. From pretty flowers to tasty produce, there are plenty of plants that grow well in vertical gardens.

Give it Purpose

Small outdoor spaces benefit from having a dedicated purpose. Think about what you want from your garden and focus on making it happen rather than trying to fit everything in. For instance, if you enjoy spending time relaxing outdoors, focus on creating a tranquil space. A simple Zen Garden is perfect for small gardens. These miniature landscapes can be created with carefully positioned rocks, some sand or pebbles, and a rake to create swirls and ripples. Add a water feature and a bench, and you’ve created the perfect place for relaxation. Alternatively, some attractive decking and well placed furniture can help you achieve a stylish outdoor living space for entertaining guests.

Rethink Your Furniture

Bulky furniture that takes up a lot of room has no place in a small garden. Multi-purpose outdoor furniture is the perfect choice for compact spaces as they can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, an edged shelf on the rail of your front porch or tiny balcony can be used for displaying decorations and for dining alfresco too. Additionally, a built-in bench along a wall is an efficient way to include a seating area in your garden without taking up too much space.