Making your yard more secure does not have to be a difficult or expensive task. You can do a few simple things to deter criminals and give yourself peace of mind. Taking some basic precautions can make your yard a less inviting target for would-be thieves.

The perimeter: Fences, gates, and landscaping

The first thing to do is to ensure that your property's perimeter is well-guarded. The fence or gate should be at least six feet (1.8 m) tall and include a locking mechanism. You should also review your landscaping, looking for places where criminals could hide or scale a wall. If there are bushes that can be climbed, trim them back; otherwise, you'll have difficulty trying to keep intruders out of your yard.

You can also install Gabion fencing. This is fencing that is created using wire baskets, or shells, filled with stone. This creates a strong perimeter that is durable, attractive, and very hard to break through. Examples of Gabion fencing can be seen online at eComposite Products.

Doors and windows: Locks, alarms, and cameras

Of course, even the best fence will not stop a criminal if he can walk right in through the front door. It would help if you had strong locks on your doors and windows and an alarm to alert you when anyone tries to break in. A home security system is also recommended; some cameras can be monitored remotely. Another effective deterrent is motion-detecting floodlights, which can help you catch criminals while they are in the act of committing their crime.

The garage: Preventing break-ins and protecting your belongings

Your garage is often a target for criminals because it contains valuable items that are easy to steal. You can help prevent break-ins and protect your belongings by making sure that the doors are always secured. One effective option is a locking roll-up door with a large metal bar at the top for added security. You should also consider an anti-theft cage to protect your expensive possessions from being stolen.

Outdoor lighting: A deterrent for criminals

Rather than setting up motion-detecting floodlights, you can also use timers for your outdoor lights. You can install these lights so that they are not always on; this will save the electricity and will make the house seem less inviting to criminals.

If you make your yard less inviting to criminals, your home will be safer, and you'll have less cause to worry about break-ins. These simple precautions can go a long way toward ensuring that you have some peace of mind while living in your home.

Importance of home security

No matter how careful you are, it is still possible for a criminal to break into your yard. This is why it is important to always be vigilant. You should check your house regularly, looking for any small signs of an intruder and keeping a careful eye out for any suspicious cars or people. You should also take steps to make your yard more secure, such as installing gates and other locking mechanisms.

There are many advantages to having a well-secured home and yard. Most importantly, you'll rest easier knowing that your valuables are safe from intruders and thieves.