Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts Combined Defence Service Examination to recruit officers for the Indian army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The exam is conducted twice a year and is considered one of the most prestigious examinations by UPSC. Lakhs of candidates appear for the examination, out of which a few clear the written examination. 

If you are preparing for the UPSC CDS exam, then this post is for you. Here, we will suggest some tips you can use to prepare for the CDS exam. You can even go for UPSC online best coaching to prepare for CDS. Several online platforms will help you guide through the roadmap of UPSC CDS. So, let's begin the preparation using some important tips given below.

UPSC CDS- Exam Selection Procedure 

UPSC CDS is a written exam that evaluates candidates on their general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning ability. The recruitment process consists of 3 stages, a written exam, an SSB interview, and a medical fitness test. All the candidates must clear each stage to be recruited as an officer. 

Top Tips to Prepare for UPSC CDS

Before you begin your UPSC exam paper preparation, we have these tips for you. Practice these suggestions daily to achieve the desired results.

Create a Plan Before Preparing 

It's crucial to have a strategy in place while getting ready for any exam. To prepare for CDS, you must create a study strategy that takes into account all of your resources and notes. Planning the things you wish to study or review first will help you establish a habit. The most crucial thing to remember is to stick to your game plan; doing so will help you pass CDS.

Know the Syllabus Thoroughly

The first duty of a candidate is to comprehend the curriculum accurately and what is necessary to pass the exam. For the CDS test, there is a lengthy list of subjects that must be studied, and candidates need to know which ones to prioritize first.

To help them recall their priorities, candidates should also keep a current list of the topics that have been finished or are still unfinished.

Keep Updating Your Current Knowledge for the Best

The General Knowledge part makes up a significant portion of the CDS test and is a subject that is always evolving. As soon as you decide to take the CDS examination, you must pull up your socks and begin preparing for General Knowledge.

Candidates may begin preparing for the same by routinely reading newspapers, keeping up with what's happening in their immediate environment, and watching or participating in debates and discussions that will clarify their political understanding.

Knowledge of all the nation's facts, including politics, economics, scientific advancements, sports, government regulations and recently approved legislations, should be every candidate’s ultimate objective.

Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time management is the most crucial thing to keep in mind when taking any exam. The speed of the applicants is tested in the competitive exams; thus, candidates must develop time management skills as part of their preparation. This is a crucial point to have in mind while preparing for and taking the competitive test. 

Every candidate must devote the same amount of time to studying, comprehending, and researching. Additionally, you must complete the exam earlier than you anticipate to have enough time to review your replies.

Practice One Subject at a Time 

Instead of reviewing or memorizing multiple subjects, candidates taking the CDS should devote attention to each subject separately. You can download the UPSC question paper PDF file to practice efficiently. 

This strategy will help you fully comprehend the material at hand, and it will also make the learning process more organized and logical. This will help you retain all of your notions for a longer period in a straightforward manner.

Start Developing Your Personality by Analysing

Remembering that you are looking for a position as a qualified, uniformed serviceman. You must strive to maintain composure, making decisions or handling situations. A realistic assessment of the issue and the development of problem-solving skills are essential since they will play a significant part in your selection for the CDS. This applies to keeping your composure during the exam as well.

Practice, Practice, and Practice  

Candidates should download past exams and complete them in the allotted time or less. They may track their time management as well as review their curriculum with the aid of this. Remember that using what you have learnt will enhance your understanding.

Keep an Optimistic Approach

 The final thing to keep in mind is having a good attitude once all the above considerations have been made. You will feel pressured and want to give up when studying for any competitive test. However, remember that you must put in a lot of effort to achieve your objective, and an optimistic outlook will surely assist you.

Take the Last-Minute Preparation Into Account

Write down all the crucial equations and formulae you will likely encounter throughout the test in a notepad. It will help you remind the tricks and formulas for your exams.

Using this method will save you time when you need to find the formulae, and keeping them close by will help you keep them updated. Take a glance at these notes on exam day, and then enter the exam room. It will help you remember the formulas and tricks.


UPSC CDS is one of the most prestigious exams in India. The tips mentioned here will become handy when preparing for the UPSC CDS exam. Self-practice is key, but you can go for online education at UPSC for perfect guidance and constant motivation.

Various good online platforms provide online education for UPSC exams. The right methodology and smart strategy are all you need to get the desired output. Besides CDS, you can also find coaching for UPSC exam syllabus for prelims if you are looking for an IAS position.