How about starting your proxy business by setting up your own IP as the proxy server? You might think that this won't be a good idea, and it would be difficult to start a proxy business from scratch. You need to rethink because it is not that difficult if you are looking forward to start proxy business. You will only require skills for building up a static residential proxy business.

Why do you need to go for a static residential proxy business?

You might be thinking that when you can contact an already established proxy company and sell proxies that you can buy from them, then why a static residential proxy business of your own?

Here you will be getting the answer to these questions then you will learn how starting a static residential proxy business is the best option for you.

Most of the residential proxies in the market are rotating proxies. These proxies are best for general internet scraping. For example, if you want to do Instagram scraping, then you might get blocked if you do that using your IP address. With the help of proxies, the IPs will keep changing, and you can keep going on with Instagram scraping.

Most of the time, people providing residential proxies don't own the IP address. So, they won't be able to sell those IPs to you for a longer time because they don't know how long they will have access to that IP.

With the help of static residential proxies, you can sell the IP for as long as you want because they will belong to you only. So, you can charge a little extra from the client for using your IP.

How to set up your own static residential proxy business

So, now you got the answer that why you need to set up a static residential proxy business. Let's talk about the steps that will help you in setting up this proxy business:

Hardware you need to arrange

Obviously, whenever you want to set up a proxy business of your own, you will need more hardware because you will be taking care of everything. So, here is a list of hardware that you will have to arrange:

  1. A suitable micro USB power adapter.
  2. HDMI cable
  3. An HDMI screen.
  4. A micros SD to USB reader
  5. USB keyboard
  6. USB mouse
  7. A micro SD, 4GB or larger

Raspberry Pi and home router

So, now it is time to configure, and you need to select Raspbian as your operating system. Now there are a few steps that will help you in setting up the proxy system:

  • You will have to boost up your Raspberry Pi, and it is only possible when you enable SSH. So open up the interface and enable SSH. Once you enable the SSH, then you will get access to changing the password.
  • The Second step is to port forward your modem or router. It depends on how you do this.
  • Once you are done with step two, now it is time to log into your Raspberry through your Windows computer using SSH.

Steps on setting up home IP as a residential proxy

Now you will have to set up your home IP as a residential proxy. For this purpose, you will need a proxy code. It would be best to download 3proxy as it will help you set up your home IP as a residential proxy server.

  1. Install 3proxy and update your software.
  2. You will need joe editor to run the commands that would help in making your home IP a residential proxy
  3. Once you enter the commands and run them then you will have to download the 3proxy configuration file
  4. Now edit the password of the file

Once you are done with programming and entering commands, your own static residential proxy server is successfully built. For setting up this whole business, it is very much important that you have IT knowledge. With the help of codes, you will be able to set up this business.

Once you set up a static residential proxy business after that, you will also have to maintain it. You must keep checking your business details and try to update them with time for improved proxy services to your clients.

Its important to give services without any issues. The major issue in proxy services is consistency. If you can avoid that, it will be great.

The final words

If you want to do something on your own. You don't want to buy and sell proxies of other proxy companies. You need to start your own static residential proxy business definitely. We have talked about the steps in detail that will help you in setting up your proxy business with the least difficulties.