Now that the winter is in full swing, you might have realized how gloomy your bathroom is, and you might feel your mood dampen as soon as you decide to shower or brush your face. To transform the room in question and ensure that you will want to spend time there in the future, here are some of the best steps that you can take to turn your gloomy bathroom around no matter what season it is.

1. Brighten Up Your Wallpaper

If you are looking for ways to make your bathroom less dingy, one of the first that you should try is pasting new wallpaper onto your walls. This can help to add interest to your bathroom and make you feel as if you are in the middle of an exotic oasis or the ocean, depending on your chosen design. Wallpaper might even add sophistication and class to your bathroom if you choose traditional patterns, such as art deco designs. If you have decided that new wallpaper is the solution, you should look around for wallpaper in light or neutral colors as these make your room feel more spacious than it truly is. However, if you are looking for wallpaper for your bathroom, you should ensure that it is waterproof so that you do not have to replace it often due to damp and mold issues.

2. Get Interesting Tiles

If you believe that your bathroom has no style and that it is completely plain and boring, you should consider sprucing it up with patterned tiles that can add interest to your décor. Not only this, but these tiles can also help dirt, stains and scratches to show up less, meaning that you do not have to clean these tiles three times a day. Tiles are also an excellent choice for bathrooms as they last a long time and are water resistant, although you might occasionally have to re-grout the tiles. These tiles can also often be inexpensive to purchase, depending on the brand, although you might have to employ a tile fitter if you are worried that you will not be able to lay down these tiles in a neat fashion.

3. Swap Out Your Lighting

If your bathroom is too dark, the simple solution is to look at your lighting, though. Although you might not be able to add new lighting fixtures, you can change the ones that you already have for brighter choices. For instance, you might pick lightbulbs that have a greater amount of lumens than the ones that you previously purchased. You should also think carefully about the light fixture or shade that you have chosen. To increase the brightness and ensure that no light is lost, you might go for a transparent or glass shade, or do away with a lamp shade altogether, as this can partially block the light emitted.

4. Replace Your Blinds

You might also consider replacing the blinds in your bathroom, as these can obscure the light if you are not careful and prevent you from making the most of the natural light that comes in through the windows. You might choose blinds that are made from sheer material rather than black-out options, and you might opt for Venetian blinds, which will give you more control over how much light you want to filter into your room.

5. Consider Wall Art and Ornaments

To brighten and personalize the bathroom that you get washed in each morning, you should also consider investing in wall art and ornaments that can put a smile on your face no matter what the weather is like outside. You might consider matching this wall art with the theme you have got going, or simply choosing abstract wall art that you love and believe can add color and vibrancy to your bathroom.

6. Opt for a Mirror

One of the best ways to make a room look brighter and more spacious is to opt for a mirror. Not only will this give you the chance to preen and fix your appearance each morning, as well as see what you are doing when you are flossing or brushing your teeth, but it can also reflect the light around your room and stop it from feeling so dark and cramped.

7. Invest in New Fixtures

If your fixtures are rusting and moldy, you might find that you avoid your bathroom as much as possible. When you find yourself doing this, you should invest in new fixtures, such as brass or copper taps, that will allow you to add style to your bathroom and ensure that it keeps up with the latest trends.