With the new year comes resolutions, and the top one is usually to do with fitness one way or another. The main point to remember if you want to improve your fitness is that you need to develop a routine that works with your lifestyle – it is small and regular effort that will make the difference, not grand gestures occasionally. The easiest way for people to incorporate a new fitness regime is to make sure they can do (at least some of it) at home – you are more likely to keep on top of your routine until it becomes a habit this way. So, how can you improve your fitness at home? Below are a few suggestions.

Get Equipment

Some people like to improve their fitness using specialist equipment – many feel they benefit most from this. If this appeals to you, consider the types of exercise that most benefit you and look at the equipment that you would need. For instance, if you are maintaining your fitness by walking a lot in your daily life, but you would like to increase your strength, then you would probably want to start with dumbbells – these are small, so most people have space for them when storing them away, but they are also fantastic for strengthening core muscles as well as the arm.

However, if you want to focus on increasing your strength and size, then you might want to consider a specialist piece of equipment like a cable machine from a professional company like mirafit.co.uk. If you’re serious about your fitness and have the space, then consider dedicating an area in your home to build up your own gym. However, most people should start off small with their home fitness and increase it as and when they find a need.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology is everywhere to help people in their daily lives, so put it to good use in your fitness journey. The internet is full of online tutorials and both short and long videos to work out alongside. These can help to show you the right posture and motivate you to keep going even when you want to stop a few minutes early.

You can also use timers to make sure that you break the habit of sitting so much and instead get up and moving. Set a timer for one episode and put it in another room. This way, you must get up and walk away from your show to stop the timer. This little break will make your TV watching more deliberate and not just a passive way of passing the time. Having a timer if you work at a desk can also help you to have breaks to stretch your legs, neck, and back before diving back in. Break the cycle of sitting for too long with the use of timers.  

Get Dressed In The Right Gear

Simply the act of putting on some workout clothes can set your brain into ‘workout’ mode, making you focused on your fitness and not thinking about all the jobs that need to be done around the house.


Think about your routine and the areas of time that you have when you could fit in some exercise. It has to work for you, so if you try a fitness video but don’t enjoy it, simply switch to another. If you try Pilates, but you’re not meeting your goals, try some strengthening equipment instead. Don’t fight through something that isn’t working, as you’ll just give up. Instead, try something different until you find what works for you.