In the era of technology, the share of useful information is negligible. A person receives information from different channels - TV, radio, Internet, outdoor advertising, email newsletters, SMS advertising. It is easy to get lost in this stream and it is difficult to find really high-quality knowledge.

Every company wants to stand out from the competition, but not everyone has the opportunity to be professionally creative. How to hook your target audience with content, how to write an article correctly? The content should be unique, applicable in practice, it should "speak" about the problems of customers in their language. Articles can not only attract the target audience once by distributing them through various channels but also help your company grow in the eyes of search engine giants!

About 10 years ago, high-quality content “for people” did not play a big role in SEO promotion. Everyone massively bought links, “stuffed” the article with key phrases to the detriment of readability, and thus ended up in the first positions in search engine results. Now the usefulness and quality of content come to the fore.

So, in this article, we will look at specific guidance on how to write an article correctly without devaluing the quality on the Internet that will bring measurable value to your business!

How to Write an Article Correctly- 5 Easy Steps!

1. Find content sources: Explore the topic in depth!

With the topic decided, it's time to collect material and study the topic. Any author relies not only on his knowledge and experience, but also on various sources. We recommend that you make a selection of relevant articles, read these materials and write out the most useful and interesting theses and thoughts.

2. Make a detailed terms of reference for writing an article!

The topic has been chosen, the material has been collected, it's time to draw up a clear technical task. Some important key points to consider are:

  • Keys and impressions per month: Keys are words or phrases by which we will promote this article in search engines.
  • Impressions per month: How many queries on this topic were per month.
  • Title is a tag for SEO promotion, usually filled in the CMS system: This text will be seen by the user on the search page when entering the key in the search box. It is also the title of the article. Do not forget that this name must contain keys.
  • Description is also a tag for SEO promotion: This is a summary of the article, which must contain promoted keywords.
  • H1: It is the top level heading, remember that it is important for SEO to use keywords in article headings.
  • The structure of the article (abstracts, plan according to which the material will need to be written).
  • Sources: All English-language and other language materials that will help when writing an article.

3. Write an article based on structure!

Based on the structure and studied materials, we begin to write. Tips on how to write articles correctly:

  • Always link to referenced data and studies: Each word or fact must be substantiated, this shows your professionalism and inspires confidence;
  • People love what can be applied in life: Write as much practical content as possible. Ideally, your potential client should read your content and apply it without problems in practice, in their life or work;
  • Use various cases and examples from practice;
  • Take care of your readers, don't make them "tens up" and look for the "end of thought". Break the text into blocks, make a structure - this makes the material easier to read.

4. Get an Editor!

The material is finished, but it is damp, there are minor errors. Do not worry, the first version of the text has never turned out perfect for anyone. We are all people who can miss a mistake and not always formulate thoughts on paper in a quality manner. This requires a second person who can point out errors and give advice on improving the text - the editor.

Do you think the books you read are only written by their authors? This is absolutely not true. Every publishing house has editors who can "shovel" the entire book in its entirety before release. Check out the excellent 2016 film Genius , starring Colin Firth, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.

It just shows the importance and scope of the work of the editor and publisher Max Perkins, who opened to the whole world such great novelists as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. You may not have an editor on staff, but you need to find a person who can check the article, correct errors, and look at the material with a “clean” look.

5. SEO-optimize!

The article is ready, it remains to show it to the whole world. Do not hurry! As we said, the article must be promoted not only in standard ways - in social networks, mailing lists and advertising, but also "in the eyes" of search engines. In addition to the actions indicated in this article (insert keys in the title and headings of the article, register tags), you need to perform a number of other basic activities:

  • All pictures must be given a title and the alt attribute:ALT” is the text that the browser displays. If the browser for one reason or another cannot load the image, the user will guess what is shown on it even without the image. This parameter is important for search results.
  • In the TOR (Terms of Reference), we indicated the key phrase: It must be reasonably placed in the text of the material. There are special free services and plugins that will help you evaluate the correct frequency of mentioning keywords, for example, Advego.
  • Check the text for uniqueness: If you mindlessly copy texts from other articles, search engines will not bring your material to the TOP, or even blacklist your site.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all we had to say on how to write an article correctly. We hoped to like this useful information and would use it in your next piece!