There hasn't been a complete Hollywood writer's strike since 1980, going more than 40 years with the industry moving forward. Screenwriters did strike for a short time in 2007 and 2008, but the industry didn't feel nearly as much spiraling from this particular strike since it was only the screenwriters.

The Hollywood strike is certainly concerning, and very soon, we will start to see the effects trickling down. Curious about the consequences of the strike? Here, we will share what the strike is about and how it may affect the future of the industry as we know it.

What is the Hollywood Writers Strike About?

The writer's strike has likely been a long-time coming. It boils down to fair treatment for writers, producers, and the people on the backend that help contribute to any movie's success. More than anything, it's time for the movie and music industry to recognize that so much has changed, and the industry has failed to adjust for that.

With streaming becoming the focal point for both music and movies, it's time for adjustments to be made to that effect. While free stock music sites pay their dues and royalties to provide that music to subscribers, most streaming services are taking money out of the pockets of these creators and designers.

Streaming has put a big dent in residuals, which was a huge source of revenue. While these hits are coming out on major streaming sites, the writers are suffering because they don't receive residuals from those streaming services.

The strike is a fight for streaming residuals and AI regulation to give writers and actors protection for their talents and abilities in a world that is so heavily focused on the capability of technology around it.

Hollywood Writers Strike Effects and Consequences

While the strike is still fairly new, we haven't yet experienced too many side effects. However, if negotiations continue to be unsuccessful, we are going to start seeing the ramifications of this soon. Let's take a closer look at those consequences that are going to start showing their head soon.

Stop the Film

With writers walking the picket lines and refusing to contribute to scripting or even revisions, this brings much of filming to a standstill. Your favorite Netflix and Hulu original series is on hold, as are series from many other streaming platforms. Where hits like Stranger Things and Cobra Kai were expecting the next season in the next year, much of this has been put on hold.

Without writers to keep scripting and help with revisions, these series are suspended until the strike comes to an end. This means we will see massive delays in the releases of seasons and probably some original movies too.

Comic-Con Let Down

Many people attend Comic-Con International in San Diego just to hear the big news of upcoming movies and releases. In recent years, we saw updates about things like Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many other wonders. But with writers on strike, there is no guarantee of new releases coming up.

While companies like Universal, Marvel, Netflix and Hulu might have intentions of some grand releases, everything is on hold. This means Comic-Con has no big presentations or announcements this year.

Award Show Delays

If the writer's strike continues, one of the trickle effects will be awards shows. While the most immediate awards shows will likely still have nominations and announcements, we're going to see a huge shift in content for the awards. The first award show scheduled is the Emmy Awards. While nominations were already announced, it doesn't mean we will see the show any time soon.

After all, it requires writers to help create awards shows.

Economical Hits

Finally, the writer's strike affects more than just the writers. This could take a huge toll on the industry as a whole, but also the economy. The entertainment industry is huge, and many other businesses also rely on movies in production. When work is at a standstill, it hurts hotels, restaurants, and any other staff that has to wait for the strike to be resolved.

Of course, consumers will be getting impatient and will be sad they don't have new things to see or experience. The lost revenue alone could be crippling to affiliated industries and not just Hollywood production.

The writer's strike was a necessary call to action for the writers that are being affected, but it certainly can have wide consequences throughout the industry and many other industries that benefit from shows in production and filming stages. With any luck, they will settle negotiations soon so things can start getting back into action.