Many women feel self-conscious of their noses, especially since they come in all different shapes and sizes, and there have been certain beauty standards for noses for centuries, especially for women. Then, if you are constantly thinking about what their nose looks like and dreaming of a new one, here are some of the steps you can take to feel better about it in 2023.

· Get Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking for a quick and permanent solution that can ensure that you never have to worry about your nose again, you should consider looking into cosmetic surgery. A rhinoplasty in Denver can allow you to change the size of your nose and smooth out any crookedness or bumps. This might also be a particularly good option for those who have broken their noses in the past, or have deviated septums, as well as those whose noses are causing them to experience breathing problems. However, when you are about to undergo cosmetic surgery, you need to think carefully about the cost of this, in addition to the recovery period. This is because your nose will likely swell immediately after the procedure and take some months to look how you want it to.

· Receive Compliments

Sometimes, all you need to feel good about your body is someone else to tell you how good you look. Although it can be difficult to fish for compliments, receiving genuine compliments can boost your confidence and make you and your nose feel loved. Compliments can also release endorphins around your body and ensure that all your negative emotions around your nose and body are washed away. If you cannot get these compliments, you should consider giving them to yourself, or trying to see yourself from an outside perspective or that of someone who adores you and the way that you look.

· Focus on Other Parts of the Body

Rather than thinking about the way that your nose looks all the time, you should consider focusing on the other parts of your body. Especially those that you love and that you feel confident about. By doing this, and emphasizing the appearance of these features when you are getting ready in the morning, your nose will seem less important, and you will be able to see yourself as beautiful in spite of your thoughts about your nose.

· Stop Studying It

It is also important to stop constantly studying your nose. By looking for faults in it, you are sure to find some, and these flaws are what your mind will zone in on. Instead of constantly reminding yourself how much you dislike your nose, you should step away from the mirror, get out of the house, and enjoy yourself. By doing this, you may be able to forget about your nose, or at least feel nothing about it and the way that it looks. This will help your nose to stop dominating your life and the value that you place on yourself.