Video marketing has emerged as a vital element of the promotional mix for brands. But young brands may have some qualms about video content creation as it requires a hefty investment in production equipment for lighting, props, and audio. Moreover, pre-production and post-production costs can elevate the expense. However, missing out is not an option because you will definitely fall behind trends and competitors without the strategy. Fortunately, you can run video marketing campaigns on a budget, provided you are money-savvy and creative. Let us share a few actionable tips for young brands looking to economize their video campaigns.

Opt for must-haves and skip need-to-haves

Young brands can take a DIY approach to content creation because it can save loads of money. The best thing is that you know your brand and products better than anyone, so you will likely be better than professionals. You may never be happy with your DIY video equipment because bigger and better options are always around the corner. But you must opt only for must-haves and skip the extras if money is a concern. For example, you can invest in a mid-range camera to shoot your videos. Lighting should be a priority because it can make or break the quality of the footage, even with the best camera. Moreover, it sets the mood of the video. You must splurge on quality mics without second thoughts.

Use free editing software

DIY videos can significantly lower your campaign costs, but you cannot post them raw. You will have to edit them to fine-tune them, add special effects, and make them more impressive. Consider using free editing software to edit your video without spending a dollar on the process. Look for an editor that offers tools for rotating, cropping, and trimming content. You can also find design objects to match your theme with the right software app. Nothing gets better than posting a well-edited piece on your website, social media, or advertisement without breaking the bank.

Save more user-generated content

Another helpful tip to create high-value video marketing campaigns for your young brand is to leverage user-generated content instead of creating promotional material. With user-generated pieces, you need not create content from scratch. You only have to encourage your customers to share their experiences in the form of videos. These may include brand stories, product tutorials, and testimonials. Besides helping you save time and money on production, user-generated content adds immense value to your branding strategy. It works as word-of-mouth recommendations that potential buyers trust more than brand promotions. Moreover, it enhances the credibility of your products and business in the competitive market.

Young brands do not need to worry about spending a fortune on video marketing campaigns, even though they are inherently expensive. You can take a DIY approach to content creation and edit the pieces with a free editing tool. Repurposing user-generated content takes your strategy to the next level. These money-savvy tips can help you build a viable campaign that delivers impressive results without breaking the bank.