There are many reasons why you may need to rent an office space, either on a short-term, temporary basis or for a longer period of time.

Regardless of how long you want to rent or why you are thinking of renting, you need to make sure your lease contract is right for you now and in the future. In an attempt to help you choose the right office space and rental agreement for you, continue reading.

Out of Hours 24/7 Access

One of the finer details when it comes to thorough reviewing the new rental agreement itself is finding out exactly when you are allowed to access the property building.

In the vast majority of cases, it is highly likely that you and your employees will be granted 24/7 access anyway, but do check to see that you are able to access the building through the night, in case of an emergency, or at the weekends if you need something.

Location, Location, Location!

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when choosing the right rental office space for you is where it is situated in relation to other key buildings and transportation networks.

Your best bet is to contact someone like the workplace company, who will be able to not only offer you a wide array of different options when it comes to size, space and location of office, but will also supply you with details regarding the local area.

Rent Obligations & Negotiations

Naturally, your primary motivation factor when it comes to choosing the right office space which suits both your business and your employees is the price, and you must ensure that if you are offered a surprisingly low rental price, you thoroughly check for any catches – both in the rental agreement and in the local area.

Without exception, commercial rental spaces are always priced by square footage, so this means you must ask for the exact specifications of the floorspace before you sign on the dotted line. It is also pertinent to mention that it is highly unlikely you will be able to negotiate on the actual price of the rental and, therefore, you should investigate extra benefits instead.

Who is Responsible for Repairs?

Now, this is where one office rental agreement can vary substantially from another and as a result, it is absolutely crucial that you ascertain exactly the level of responsibility your company will have regarding repairs and renovations.

Usually, a commercial lease will mean that your business is 100% entirely responsible for all maintenance, decoration and repairs of the office space and this is why a full building inspection is vital. What is more, make sure you talk to other occupants and renters of the building and to have a pre-rental survey commissioned on the office building prior to signing the rental contract.

Another idea to ensure that all bases are covered is to ask for a ‘schedule of condition’ to be added to the rental agreement which exactly stipulates who is responsible for what.