Almost everyone has a hobby of some type, even if they don't realize it. It can often be the case, though, that you don't find the hobby interesting enough or quickly get bored with it after a few weeks or months. This can lead to having a closet full of equipment or gear for a hobby you no longer pursue, which can be both expensive and frustrating.

In cases like this, you could do two things. Firstly, get all of that old equipment listed on a well-known auction site, and secondly, go looking for a new hobby that is interesting enough to keep you happy. This choice needs to be made carefully - after all, you don't want to end up with a closet full of gear again.

#1 Becoming a film extra

This might not be something you have considered because, like most people, you probably think it is more complicated to get started than it is. For a start, as an extra (or background actors as they are often called), you don't need to be a member of the SAG union. However, time spent as an extra can contribute towards a qualification if you want to take that route.

Finding your first job doesn't have to be complicated either, as a simple, undoctored headshot can be enough to get the attention of those doing the casting. Registering with a website that specializes in background actors will help as well, as this is where directors tend to go for extras. You can do this around your current commitments, a day here and there, or at weekends.

#2 Take up BB Gun shooting

While there may be plenty of opportunities to go shooting where you are, you may not have considered BB Gun shooting which can be fun and, if there is enough room, be carried out in your own backyard. To start with, you might want to visit a local range and use the equipment they have there to make sure it is right for you, but after that, the possibilities are almost endless.

Of course, you may choose to Buy BB Guns yourself, and if you choose this route, you will need to visit a site like BBGuns4Less to find what is available and for more information about the types of safety gear you need. You can do this with friends or alone and can add extra touches of fun by perhaps shooting at balloons or stacks of tin cans.

#3 Juggling

This might be a bit too far left field for some, but around 30% of Americans say they can do it. It is easy to start as well, and all you need is a few tutorial videos or books and some objects to practice with that you don't mind getting broken or damaged. From there, you can progress to more professional juggling equipment if you want (which may involve you practicing outside, or you can just keep it simple and carry on perfecting your art indoors).

As well as keeping you occupied and entertained, juggling can also improve your concentration and hand-eye co-ordinations, which will have benefits for the rest of your daily life too.