A wardrobe is a staple in any home, but very few people would consider making one themselves for their next DIY project. However challenging it may seem, building your own wardrobe is not as complicated as you may think. This handy guide will break down the process of building your own wardrobe at home.


The first thing you will need to consider is the design of your new wardrobe. You need to think carefully about the space that you have available and design your wardrobe accordingly. Grab a tape measure and measure the space that you have available, including the width, depth and height. Once you have this information, you can create an in-depth plan of how you want your wardrobe to look and what features you want it to have. Make a sketch of your plans complete with the measurements, and highlight how many doors, shelves and drawers you may want to include. 


The next step in the process of building your own wardrobe is figuring out what sort of materials you want to use. There are so many options to choose from, and your decision will ultimately come down to what sort of finish you are looking for and also the strength of the materials. 

Choosing to work with wood is the most common choice for a DIY wardrobe project, and there are several popular types that are best suited for building this sort of furniture. MDF and Plywood are types of wood that are easy to come by and provide stability and are easy to work with. You could also consider working with OSB which has a unique finish as it is made from layers of wood strands that are compressed together. This makes OSB an ideal choice for a wardrobe as it is sturdy and has a distinctive texture, and you can easily paint or stain OSB to match the décor in your bedroom

Once you have decided on the wood you would like to use, you need to purchase the additional tools and fixtures, such as tracks, screws, a power drill and safety gear. If you haven't purchased your wooden panels in the correct measurements, you may also need to use a saw to cut them down to size.

Building the wardrobe

Start out by building the exterior of the wardrobe by screwing each panel together using brackets and screws. Once you have the base, you can then move on to installing the tracks and rollers so that the doors and drawers can move smoothly. Next, you can install the rails you will have inside the wardrobe to hang your clothes, and any dividers or drawers you are going to include. It's vital that you test out how freely the doors and drawers move before installing the next one, so you can make any adjustments as you go. Once you have finished, move the wardrobe into its desired location and begin filling it with all of your belongings.