Are you thinking about setting up your own business? Perhaps you have learned about the steady bubble tea industry growth and want to jump on the bandwagon? Well, in any of these cases you will have to make one crucial decision – should you join a bubble tea franchise or go independent? Here, we will focus on the former – is it a good idea to buy into a franchise? You'll know that after reading this article!

Bubble tea franchise – learning the pros and cons

To begin with, we ought to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of joining a bubble tea franchise. After all, this will be the basis for our decision on whether it is really worth it. Let's begin with the benefits.

  • Established brand recognition – By choosing a franchise, you will attract customers from day one, thanks to the already well-known brand. It will save you on time and let you reap the benefits from the start.
  • Professional marketing materials – Advertising your business will be crucial, both at the beginning and throughout the years. Opting for a franchise means that you gain access to professional, thought-through, effective marketing materials without the need to hire a marketing agency.
  • Operational support – Contracting vendors and organizing the supplies are often strenuous tasks. But, in a franchise, you don't have to worry about it. You will either be provided with a list of vendors or receive help directly, saving you the time and additional effort.

A bubble tea franchise, like everything else, also has its drawbacks. After all, each coin has two sides. So, what are the disadvantages of franchising?

  • Less independence – You won't be able to make all the decisions by yourself if you opt for a franchise. There will be brand regulations that you have to follow.
  • No control over the menu – In many cases, you will be obliged to sell the bobas that are well-known among the whole chain. It is both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time – on one hand, people will know what to expect when coming to your bubble tea store, but on the other, you won't be able to put a tweak on your drink ideas .

Is joining a bubble tea franchise worth it?

In our opinion, yes. Unless you really want to do everything your way, joining a bubble tea franchise provides you with expertise and recognition beyond the one you could get while starting up your independent business.

The only situation when it might not be a good idea is when you don't have a lot of money to invest at the start. Despite the potential cost of joining a franchise, you should prioritize quality over affordability. Yet, in such situations, it might simply be better to save up some more, and then join a reliable bubble tea chain later.

The takeaway

Joining a bubble tea franchise comes with a plethora of advantages. You instantly get brand recognition, access to excellent marketing materials, and supply vendors. The only true downside is that you need to give up a part of your independence, but the gains will quickly pay it back to you.