Working in healthcare can be busy and stressful. That's why our ID printer bundles have been designed to make your days run smoother. Printing ID cards direct from your desk is an effective way to save money and free up time for things that matter, like focussing on patient care. Our bundle offers you everything you need to start printing as soon as your printer arrives!

Since each healthcare centre is unique, we've made sure that our bundles can be tailored to your practice including encoding upgrades to assist with access control and the ability to customise the look of the printer, an option you won't find anywhere else on the market!

We want to give all healthcare workers the peace-of-mind that they won't be spreading any unwanted bacteria that could affect vulnerable patients. That's why the lanyards, cardholders and printed cards that are part of the bundle are wipeable or antimicrobial and won't remove or effect the personalised print finish if you needed to regularly disinfect them.

If you're still unsure whether your healthcare facility needs a printer, then here's some of the top reasons issuing staff and visitor badges can be a vital step for your organisation:

Security and Access control

Manage which members of staff have access to restricted areas with encoded MIFARE cards and using photo IDs quickly identify staff from visitors and patients. Our Javelin Designer software allows you to have multiple card templates so you're able to assign different designs to different departments. For example: Care workers and housekeeping staff could have different colour coded designs, so they are noticeable from afar. This helps additional workers, staff, security, and patients ensure that visitors aren't accessing restricted areas.

Improve patient relationships

Needing healthcare assistance can be a nervous time for many patients. Using ID cards with names and images clearly visible can help form a connection with patients and reduce their stress levels as they are more likely to trust someone who they can identify by name. By adding job roles to ID cards also helps the patient understand what a worker specialises in, verifying their trust in the care you're providing.

Staff sanitation and patient protection

We understand that your healthcare centre's sanitation is a top priority ensuring there is minimal risk of infection and bacterial diseases entering the facility. That's why we've added antimicrobial lanyards and card holders as standard to the bundle. Our carefully selected lanyards contain nanoparticle-coated fibres that will reduce the growth germs and kill odour-causing bacteria, while the card holders have an additive set into the plastic which acts to disrupt the growth of bacteria on the surface.

Clear branding and professionalism

Taking the time to clearly brand your cards can also work as free advertising as employees wear them throughout the day. High-quality cards and lanyards will also improve the look of professionalism of the healthcare organisation.

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