Business is ever-evolving, and so should your business strategy. If you're looking to grow your business, you need to ensure that your operations are up to date with the latest trends in marketing and technology. When marketing your business, captions are one of the most important aspects. Captions and transcripts ensure that people with visual impairments or reading difficulties can access information within your content. They also ensure that your business is accessible to everyone who walks through its doors. Here are the benefits of using captions and transcripts for your business.

Businesses with Captions and Transcripts Are More Accessible to Everyone

The first and arguably the greatest benefit of using captions and transcripts for your business is that they ensure you're accessible to everyone. Whether someone with visual impairments, someone who is hard of hearing, or a person with a different mother tongue, captions and transcripts will ensure that your content finds an audience.

Depending on the language you use in your videos or podcasts, some people may not be able to understand what you're saying without subtitles. The two tools ensure that your business is accessible.

Captions and Transcriptions Increase Your Brand's Reach

Are you looking to enhance your brand's reach? Well, captions and transcripts could be your answer. Captions only allow people to read what's being said, while transcripts allow them to search for specific words and phrases they want to know more about.

If you upload your videos or podcasts on video hosting platforms, you can also use their SEO functionality and add transcript pages that use keywords from the video. This allows you to gain organic traffic from search engine searches without having to include keywords in your actual video content.

They Help You Stay on Topic

When you're recording a video or podcast, and someone asks a question that takes you off-topic, it can be tempting to answer it anyway and continue with whatever it was that you were doing previously. By doing this, you lose focus on your overall goal of making this video or podcast.

With captions, however, if someone asks a question out of the blue about something completely unrelated (which happens more often than not), all you have to do is copy and paste the caption into your selected translation tools to know the language and question used. This will give you an idea of who posted this comment and what they needed to know.

They Can Make Your Videos Easier to Understand for Everyone

Although most individuals who watch videos online can understand them with subtitles, many prefer watching videos with closed captions instead. Captioning makes videos easier for those with hearing disabilities or who speak languages other than English.

They allow people with these preferences to turn the captions on and off while viewing their favorite shows, allowing them to see subtitles when they want them or even from a distance if necessary. By hiring the right enterprise transcription services, you enhance comfort and enables your viewers to understand all the videos.

It Enhances the Average Watch Time of Your Videos

YouTube reports that videos with captions, on average, have a 50% increase in watch time of a video versus the same content without captions. This shows viewers stay on your content longer when the captions are turned on. Not only does it make their experience easier, but it also increases their interest and enjoyment of your videos.

A longer average watch time can help to boost your search engine results even further since search engines attribute this as a positive signal to boost rankings. It is also good news for YouTube since they share revenue with you when videos generate significant watch times and views.


Captions and transcripts are two essential components businesses should consider implementing in their operations. Both of these tools enable users to understand better the content they're reading or hearing. Captions and transcripts help people with disabilities understand what is being read or heard and make sense of it. Businesses must have a strategy regarding captions, transcripts, and other accessibility features. These three components go hand in hand and are equally important for companies to implement to enhance accessibility for all visitors, including those who are disabled or sight-impaired.