For a one-time or recurring cost, as appropriate, Live Positively Corporation ("Live Positively ") grants you access to specific premium services or content (the "Member Services"). These Live Positively  Membership Terms of Service ("Live Positively  Terms of Service") govern all of your transactions and other uses of Member Services. By utilizing a Member service, you accept (1) these Membership Terms of Service; (2) Live Positively's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and all additional terms and conditions that generally apply to the Live Positively website. (collectively, the "Member Services" and the "Terms"). Please carefully read the Terms. You are not permitted to utilize the Member Services if you do not comprehend them or accept all of them.

Payment terms.

You accept to respect these payment conditions by subscribing to our services.

1. Fees

Recurring payments are required for the Member Services subscription costs (except where identified as otherwise). The duration might be either monthly or yearly, depending on what is stated during the transaction. Once the first payment of subscription fees is paid, your subscription will start. Upon payment of the automatically recurring subscription costs, the subscription will automatically renew each month or annually as appropriate. On the same day of the month that the subscription started, monthly or annual costs are assessed. (For instance, if a monthly subscription started on the 29th, 30th, or 31st day of the month, membership will renew on the final day of any month with fewer than those number of days.)

2. Your billing account

When you sign up for a Service, you will be prompted for a payment method to use to pay the associated fees. You can access and modify your billing information and payment method for all other Services. You also agree to give Live Positively permission to utilize any updated account information provided by your issuing bank or the relevant payment network regarding your chosen payment method. In order for us to execute your transactions and get in touch with you as necessary regarding them, you agree to quickly update your account and other information, including your email address and payment method information. Charges we submit to your billing account before we could reasonably act on your modifications to your billing account will not be impacted by any changes you make to your billing account.

3. Payments

By supplying Live Positively with a payment method, you (i) warrant that you are allowed to utilize the payment option you provided and that the payment information you provide is true and accurate; (ii) agree to allow Live Positively to start charging you for the Services or content made available through your payment option; and (iii) allow Live Positively to charge you for any paid feature of the Services that you choose to register for or use during the enforcement of these Terms. As stated, we reserve the right to charge you for Subscription Services either (a) in advance; (b) at the time of purchase; (c) immediately after purchase; or (d) on a regular basis.

4. Taxes

You will be charged for any applicable taxes at the time of each purchase transaction or at another suitable time if Live Positively is obligated to collect or pay any taxes in connection with your purchase of Member Services. In addition, you are in charge of declaring and paying any taxes associated with the purchase and use of Member Services, if necessary in accordance with the law. These taxes may consist of tariffs, customs charges, or other taxes (apart from income taxes), as well as any associated fines or interest, depending on your purchase or the place of purchase.

5. Recurring Payments.

If you want to subscribe to the Services (for example, on a monthly, or annual basis), you agree to recurring payments and give Live Positively permission to charge the payment option of your choice up to the point at which the subscription is terminated. subscription from either Live Positively or you. To avoid paying to keep your Services, you must terminate them before the subsequent billing date. connect to your interface to cancel your subscription. For some Services, you can control recurring payments in your Live Positively Account. By agreeing to recurring payments, you give Live Positively permission to store your payment instrument and process payments as electronic debits or wire transfers, electronic drafts (for payments by automated clearing house or other similar services), or as a charge deducted from the designated account (for payments by credit card or other similar method). These payments are collectively referred to as "Electronic Payments."

Usually, subscription costs are charged in advance for the relevant subscription period. Live Positively or its service providers retain the right to charge all relevant rejection costs and collect them as Payment Electronic in the absence of payment of these fees or in the event that payment by card or another similar payment method is unsuccessful.

6. Refund conditions.

Your membership is always refundable. Unless otherwise specified by Live Positively, you may cancel your subscription to Member Services that automatically renews at any time before the end of the current payment period. The cancellation will then take effect with the subsequent billing period. You won't get a refund or credit for any days that are still in your current billing month; however, you will still have access to the Member Services from the moment of cancellation until the beginning of the following billing period. Unless Live Positively specifies otherwise, subscription fees paid are final and nonrefundable. If Live Positively reasonably believes that a user has violated these Membership Terms of Services, Live Positively may immediately and without prior notice and without recompense terminate the user's subscription and access to Member Services. Please send requests for refunds to

7. Price changes.

We reserve the right to modify the cost of the Services at any time, you will find our new prices online on our platform. Before the pricing change takes effect, you must cancel and stop using the Services if you do not agree with it. If our Service offer has a fixed period and price, that price will be in effect during that time.

8. Payment delays

In the event of late payment, you will be responsible for paying all reasonable costs we spend in such collection, including fees for attorneys and consultants as well as other costs and expenditures as permitted by law. If you do not pay all sums due on time after we send you a reminder (threatening to cancel and/or terminate the Services), we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your Services. If you pay the requested amount within the time period specified in the reminder, you can prevent interruption or cancellation.

If the amount is only slightly off, a separate process is followed. Missing sums less than 2% of the invoice's total value will always be regarded as minor. It's possible that you won't be able to access your Live Positively account if the Services are interrupted or terminated for non-payment.

9. Method of Payment Bank Account.

With your Live Positively account, you can add a bank account that qualifies as a payment option. Accounts held with a financial institution that can accept direct debits, such as one situated in the United States that supports Automated Clearing House ("ACH") entries, one in Europe that supports the Single Euro Payments Area ("SEPA"), or "iDEAL" in the Netherlands, are eligible bank accounts. The conditions you accepted when you added your bank account as a payment option in your Live Positively account (such as "mandate" in the case of SEPA) also hold true. You affirm and guarantee that the bank account you have registered is yours, or that you have the right to do so and use it as a means of payment. By registering or choosing your bank account as a payment option, you authorize Live Positively (or its representative) to deduct, in one or more direct debits, the entire cost of your purchase or subscription fee (subject to the terms of your subscription service) from your bank account (and, if necessary, credit your bank account in order to rectify mistakes, issue a refund, or for similar purposes). You also authorize the financial institution that manages your bank account to act on your behalf. You acknowledge that until you delete your bank account information from your Live Positively account, this authorisation will be in effect and fully enforceable. Your responsibility for illegal, incorrect, or fraudulent bank account activities may also be limited by local regulations. You confirm that you have read, comprehended, and accepted these Terms by registering or choosing a bank account as your payment option.