Coloradans probably know Florida as a popular destination for summer family vacations because it remains a hot spot for tourists from all over the nation. However, the Sunshine State is now experiencing a significant influx of people heading into the state to start their new lives. Making any long-distance move will create a chain reaction of changes, often stirring up feelings of fear, anxiety, and sometimes sadness. On the other side, making a move is rather exciting and exhilarating too!

Interstate movers in Denver, CO, are used to transporting clients through cross-country, long-distance, and even local moves in the Mile High City, but when you are choosing to trek down South, many things differ from what you are used to in the Rockies. There are many things to explore, new places to adventure, people to meet, and good food to eat! When you are moving to a new place, preparation for the relocation process is the first thing you must tackle, but there are also so many exciting things to discover!

It is The Place to Retire

Some call Florida heaven's waiting room because it is a great place to move to when you retire and work with a fixed income. After all, there is no income tax! The stereotype prevails over the state because it is true, it is a beautiful place to retire when you are finished working and hoping to enjoy your life. This is a hot spot for seniors looking to spend every day in the sun and on the sand! Despite significant storms, the weather is sunny nearly year-round, and there is almost always something to do.

Those planning to retire are drawn to Florida because of the available elite healthcare and medical options. There are plenty of major hospitals in all the big cities, and this ensures that no matter what happens, there is always help nearby. If you plan to retire in Florida, you will need professional movers to get you there! A local moving company can provide full-service relocation solutions and help get you to Florida safe and sound.

Fastly Growing State

It isn't only retirees heading down to Florida; people are flocking from all over the country down South to re-establish their lives, purchase property and begin the next chapter. While the population has been up and down throughout the pandemic, since 2022, Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in America! Places like Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Tampa, and Orlando are some of the most popular cities to move to. 

While there has always been a steady increase in the population, the past few years have seen almost 3% growth. This may be due to the tax incentives, as everyone has a lower tax burden in Florida than Coloradans are used to. That is not the only benefit, though - house prices are lower than the national average and much lower than Denverites have grown accustomed to over the past decade. You can save money on how you view it and get a complete environmental change.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Florida has one of the longest coastlines in the nation, and you have access to more than one body of water. Sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and having fun on the Florida shore can be your reality if you choose to move anywhere off the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic coast. Tourists will come and go throughout the year for the beautiful blue water and the relaxing atmosphere but keep in mind they feed into the economy every time they visit! The most popular beaches in Florida are Naples, Clearwater, and Miami! Plenty of smaller beach communities where you can relish and live your regularly scheduled life - you just get to have the coast as your backyard every day versus the mountains you were used to!

Lots of Wildlife

Instead of bears, deer, and mountain goats, you need to get a little more accustomed to insects, bugs, and reptiles! Florida is a naturally tropical place; therefore, you will get a ton of wildlife that enjoy the sun, sand, and warm weather just as much as you do. The moisture and humidity there is something insects like triatomine bugs, assassin bugs, and ants love to find their home in. Snakes, alligators, sharks, whales, and even panthers will also be seen. Alligators are known to visit residential homes and hang out in pools, so you must keep a close eye on your property and double take before you decide to jump in.

Job & Entrepreneur Friendly

If you are heading to Florida hoping for a career change, a new job, or perhaps opening a business of your own - you are going to the right place to do it. It is an excellent place for families to settle and raise their children because the environment and job market thrive! The state has continued to rank high for its workforce, capital, education, technology, and innovation. Moving to Florida, you have endless opportunities in just about any field of interest, and if you are an aspiring business owner, there is an entire market of angel investors and venture capitalists to choose from for funding your dreams. 

Tropical Weather & Tropical Storms

The weather in Florida is very different than what Coloradans are used to; you aren't going to see snowy winters; on the contrary, it is usually sunny, humid, and hot. The tropical weather is often a selling point for the state, but you have to be weary and prepared for the storm that comes with living in a coastal region. Hurricanes are prominent in Florida, and you must understand the proper procedures for dealing with this weather in case an evacuation is required. 

While you hope to evacuate Colorado, all the additional components of your relocation process coincide with relocating. It is always in your best interest to hire a team of moving professionals you can rely on throughout moving procedures. Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, are licensed moving specialists providing local, long-distance, and cross-country relocation assistance. Rocky's movers are highly experienced and heavily trained to offer elite moving, packing, and storage services! Suppose you hope to relocate yourself and your household to the Sunshine State. In that case, having a local moving company will allow you to move through the experience stress-free and arrive at your destination with plenty of energy to spare, as your adventures have just begun!