High or low, block or stiletto. The heel is a real must-have for fashionistas who want to flaunt trendy looks and feel admired wherever they go.

Of course, it is essential to identify the right heeled shoe, that is, the one that best suits not only the outfit but also the context. By choosing from sought-after and designer models, such as Versace luxury heels for women, it will not be difficult to find the perfect one to complete elegant and formal outfits with class, as well as casual chic looks to show off at the office or in your free time.

In this article we are going to find out which heel shoe model and which type of heel to choose for each context and outfit.

High, medium or low heel: the various differences in style

Before we move on to discover what are the perfect heels for any occasion, let us understand how the height of this element can influence the overall style of the outfit.

The high heel, by giving height and giving greater length to the legs, makes the figure more elegant and slender and gives charm and attitude, especially when used in nude colors; this result is emphasized by the stiletto heel, which, moreover, also allows for correct posture.

On the other hand, the low heel undoubtedly has a more snug and comfortable fit and allows you to gain up to 4 centimeters more; moreover, in the block heel version it allows you to have the guarantee of a stable support base. Luxury shoes with this type of heel make for an elegant and delicate look.

The right middle ground is provided by the medium heel, available in both block and stiletto versions, which lends both sophistication and a chic touch to any outfit, even to a simple pair of jeans.

The heeled shoe for work

Those who do office work and spend many hours sitting can wear mid-heel pumps, including those with an ankle strap. Ideal for completing an outfit consisting of classic pants, blazer and blouse, these shoes look elegant and do not overly tire the foot and ankle.

Saleswomen, promoters and, in general, anyone who has jobs that require standing for many consecutive hours, should instead opt for shoes with a low heel and wide enough to ensure good support for the entire sole of the foot. Heeled ballet flats are excellent, as well as loafers.

Work engagements: the right heel for formal situations

If you are planning to attend a business meeting and want to show off a confident and perhaps even a bit aggressive look, green light to pumps with high or ultra-high heels, to be paired with jacket and skirt or jacket and pants suits, and elegant shirts.

During the cold season, also great are boots with a high and thin heel, to be shown off exclusively with long regular fit pants.

In case you prefer to go for a sophisticated and soft look, pumps with low and thin heels are excellent. For a more masculine outfit, go for the loafer with medium or low heel.

Walking around the city: which heel to choose

When walking through the city streets and you do not want to give up your heeled shoe, it is preferable to opt for models with a block heel. As for the height, if you expect to have to walk a lot, it is preferable to opt for a medium or low heel; on the other hand, if you will be taking a short walk, perhaps shopping, go ahead with heels a little higher, but do not overdo it.

Turning to the models, the choice is really wide. If you want to show off an elegant look, you can go for pumps or loafers, to be matched with light dresses in spring/summer or with cigarette pants and designer coats during the cold season; while for a casual chic look, boots, ballet flats or luxury sneakers will be perfect, to be shown off with jeans, blazers and t-shirts.

During warmer days, go for designer sandals and mules.

An elegant evening

Cinema, theater, restaurant. On these and other occasions, you can choose to sport luxury shoes with high or ultra-high heels to match with elegant dresses and dust coats or long coats.

Among the best models, in addition to the evergreen pumps, elegant gold or silver sandals and black mules shoes.