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You are a real estate agent. From business cards to social media accounts, real estate companies must have everything, so it's important to create a quality and informative email signature for realtors. If you don't set up your email signature correctly, you're missing out on an important opportunity to convert potential customers into regular customers. An email signature in the real estate industry is the most important business card of your business. Fortunately, creating a professional and effective email signature only takes a few minutes, you can use free draw signature to visually present all important real estate information to your clients.

Tip 1. Use a generator or template to create a modern, high-quality email signature

You are a real estate agent, not a graphic designer. There is a lot of information that should be included in your email signature. Get it all with one model (template available). In case the details change, you can update the email signature template instead of redoing everything from scratch. When you work with other real estate agents in the office, using a template ensures a consistent look for every email signature sent from your company to clients. You can find free email signature template generators online. But check the watermark and copyright.

Tip 2. Make your email signature mobile-friendly

Two out of three emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet. Slow, clunky, or oversized graphics and other elements of your email signature can alienate your customers and hurt potential sales. Mobile-friendly emails appear in full on the screen in one swipe. An adaptive email signature does not contain large images and does not have a lot of unnecessary formatting. Send yourself an email as the recipient and view it on your smartphone. Too little data for mobile or enough data?

Tip 3. Add social network icons to your email signature

Gone are the days of telephone communication. Potential customers get information through recommendations on Twitter and TikTok, numerous other social networks. You can use Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media channels to showcase your knowledge and skills to potential clients. Add icons to the most active channels you're actively engaged with. This allows current and potential customers to view properties and other information that is important to them. Today, many people are hesitant about direct contact. Before you start, you need to know who you are, what you sell, what your price range is, etc., and what they want to know. You are a real estate professional, not a salesperson. You probably can't follow a lot of social media accounts. Pick one important aspect of your brand and automate it.

Tip 4. Choose a personal, professional photo that will be used in your email signature

Add your photo to your account in the email signature. When it comes to real estate marketing, you need a personalized approach. Trust is one of the important elements of relations with new clients. Personal contact allows us to connect with you before meeting in person. It helps clients understand who you are and what it's like to work with you. Modern professional photography is an important, profitable investment that pays off in the end. Poor quality or outdated photos can affect the fact that you will not be taken seriously. You can add a photo of yourself and your family to your email signature, or try using several email signatures to see which one works best for you. As mentioned earlier, compress your photos to be used in the email signature for mobile compatibility. If you're uploading a high-resolution photo, resize it to the scale you've chosen, because you don't want your photo to take up hundreds of extra MB of memory.

Tip 5. Offer several ways to communicate

Here is an interesting fact. Most real estate professionals are extroverts. This means that when generating real estate leads, you need to remember that many people need to have access to different ways to contact you (phone, social media, website). Extroverts are rarely shy about taking and making calls. However, some people prefer to be communicated with differently. People with specific questions can quickly find the text they need, which should be in your email signature. Also, if someone is looking for a detailed answer, the information can be more easily obtained via email. Please write "call or message" in your email signature, not just "call". Don't just send a link to your phone number. This can quickly upset potential customers. Let them know that they can email you or message you on Instagram (or another of your social media accounts, like Facebook, for example). Add your mobile number so customers can contact you if needed. Multi-channel eliminates the differences between customers and sales because it provides the easiest possible communication between all interested business parties.

Tip 6. Think about a well-designed advertising banner

Do you want excellent value for money? You can use banners with email signatures to draw attention to a discount, offer, or promotion that you want to present to your customers. Banner ads can link to well-designed landing pages on websites that your team has optimized for high conversions. Make sure your banner ad looks great on mobile and desktop messaging apps. Don't add anything that flashes or moves. Instead, use attractive colors and clean, legible fonts.

Tip 7. Set another email signature for replies

In the middle of an email reply thread, the client does not need to display the full HTML signature at the end of each message. This can be confusing and prevent clear and convincing communication between you and the customer. A simple text signature is enough for messages. You already have all your details in the first email. Some clients even delete multiple email signatures. This is a workaround because the full email signature appears after the text signature appears. The more they interact with your email, the better the results.

Tip 8. ADA Accessibility Test

After creating an email signature, you should understand that time is an investment. Make sure you have access to your email signature. It must be ADA-compliant, which means a screen reader can read it quickly. When you use a generated template to create an email signature, you may not know that a screen reader cannot read your email signature. Visually impaired users use screen readers. Many of them are visually impaired. Perhaps the email signature is illegible, it is difficult to read. If the contact information provided in the email signature is not available to ADA, they cannot read it.

Tip 9. Split test for email signature

Conduct comprehensive split testing. What it is? Create two or three different email signatures and use them all. They can be used on different days, weeks, or for different groups of customers. See which email signatures people respond to the most, and which email signatures receive more calls. Split testing is effective because you can't always predict what your audience will like. If you have changed your email signature and are suddenly receiving calls, this is a good sign that you are on the right track. Conversely, if you changed your email signature and suddenly did not receive a response, there may be a technical problem with your new email signature that is preventing you from succeeding. When it comes to looking professional and having a high conversion rate, it's important to know exactly what to avoid in your email signature. Don't use animations or GIFs when creating your real estate email signature. Not only are they distracting, but they can also make your email signature look unprofessional. When you want to insert inspirational or motivational quotes, use them to show who you are, only add short quotes. Your email signature should not contain a large amount of information that is not needed by customers. Finally, your email signature should be short. Even if you have dozens of contacts, don't add more than three.

Conclusion: create a creative and informative email signature - because it forms your brand

Real estate is competitive. You need to maximize the impact of every element of your marketing strategies that you employ. An informative, clear, and convincing email signature can guarantee that every message will be read, and potential customers will become regular customers.