“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food”. – Hippocrates 

Nutrition is a procedure in which food fed on is utilized to maintain the frame healthy, restore tissues and sell growth. Proper nutrition is the key to precise fitness and proper-being. A wholesome weight loss program consists of ingesting meals and consuming enough fluids with nutrients like nutrients, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and so forth.

Nutrients are an important part of most cancers’ treatment, recuperation, and prevention. Cancer treatment involves radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone remedy, surgical operation that could cause loss of urge for food, loss of energy, and malnutrition. True nutrients are vital for most cancer patients.

Nutrition is a system in which food is taken in and used by the body for growth, to maintain the body healthy, and to replace tissue. Appropriate nutrition is important for good health. A healthy weight loss program consists of foods and liquids which have vital vitamins (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water) the frame desires.

Cancer diet during cancer treatment

Cautious food choices will assist your immune system's combat against cancer. The ingredients you pick out to eat at some point of energetic cancer remedy will range consistent with any side outcomes you will be experiencing.

  • Nutrition during chemo
  • Nutrition all through radiation therapy

Average, try and make meals picks that offer you enough energy (to hold your weight), protein (to help rebuild tissues that most cancers treatment may additionally damage), vitamins which includes nutrients and minerals, and fluids (crucial for your body's functioning). also, exercise can assist with urge for food and digestion issues related to remedy.

Rich Nutrients will help in

  • Maintaining up power and electricity
  • Retaining healthful weight
  • Lowering the threat of contamination
  • Recuperation and faster healing
  • Reduce aspect results like nausea, diarrhea, or taste
  • Enhancing the frame’s reaction to treatment.

Nutrition therapy helps most cancers patients to hold wholesome body weight, hold frame tissue healthy, and reduce facet consequences each throughout and after remedy.

Here is a listing of Nutrients that must be fed on regularly by Cancer Sufferers


Protein is a crucial element that promotes increase, upkeep tissue, and maintains our immune system healthy. while the body doesn’t get enough proteins, it breaks down muscle for the gas it needs.

This outcomes in a boom in recovery time from illness and might lower the frame’s resistance to contamination

sources: Fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs, low-fats dairy merchandise, nuts, beans, peas and pulses.


Fats are rich resources of power that play an important function in nutrition. the main function of fats is to save power, insulate body tissues, and transport some sorts of nutrients through the blood.

Mono-unsaturated fat (olive, and peanut oils) and poly-unsaturated fats (sunflower, corn, and flaxseed oils and seafood) have to be chosen over saturated fat or Trans fats as they are healthier for the heart. Saturated fats and Trans fats can raise cholesterol and have to be prevented as a great deal as viable.


Carbohydrates are a prime source of electricity wanted for bodily activity and right organ function. it's far vital to devour the right part of carbohydrates to gain a balanced weight loss plan.

The best sources of carbohydrates – end result, vegetables, and complete grains, bread, potatoes, rice, cereals, corn, peas, and beans.


Water and beverages are vital to proper fitness. All body cells want water to characteristic, lack of which reasons dehydration. because of dehydration the fluids and minerals that are required for the top of the line functioning of the body can exit of balance. Vomiting and diarrhea motive huge water loss and extra fluids ought to be consumed to atone for the loss.

Vitamins and minerals


Vitamins and Minerals are needed to facilitate the clean functioning of the frame and to use the energy (energy) in food. They may be fed on clearly via ingredients or supplements. With a balanced food regimen, masses of vitamins and minerals may be received but if the frame is deficient in nutrients your medical doctor might also propose a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Nutritional supplement safety considerations

Dietary supplements together with multivitamins may be beneficial for people with cancer while consumed in low dosage. Multivitamins are nutritional products that include maximum of the desired daily nutrients, minerals consisting of calcium, magnesium, or iron.

Meals Protection Measures to Take

Food safety ought to be taken significantly by way of most cancers’ patients. a few remedies can weaken the immune device. harmful microorganism, viruses, or fungi can contaminate the food and motive infections.

Below are a few basic meals safety guidelines to reduce the chance of contamination 

  • Wash your hands before and even as put together
  • Rinse vegetables and fruits very well earlier than ingesting
  • Use separate slicing boards for meats and veggies
  • eat absolutely cooked foods and keep away from raw eggs/fish.
  • Do now not eat or drink unpasteurized
  • make certain to check the expiry date of the food earlier than
  • Perishable foods have to be refrigerated within hours of
  • Do not eat uncooked vegetable

Aspect Consequences

Cancer remedy regularly reasons facet effects, inclusive of diarrhea, nausea, mouth sores, loss of appetite and lack of flavor.

These suggestions can also help you get the nutrients you need 

  • Devour extra liquid via ingredients and different liquids inclusive of fruit
  • Devour small food all through the day rather than massive food to meet your calorie 3- Consume fish, eggs, cheese, beans, nuts, nut butter, tofu, or excessive-protein smoothies or shakes in preference to meat.
  • When you have a metal taste in your mouth – try chewing gums, or consume fresh citrus fruits.

Use plastic utensils to cook.

In case you be afflicted by mouth sores or a gum infection use a meals processor or a blender to smoothen the feel of the food.

A few side outcomes are frequently handled with medication and may be supplied by using your doctor.

Weight program and nutrition after treatment

Dieticians suggest a vitamins-rich food plan excessive in fruits, veggies, and whole grains. A healthy weight loss program is crucial for cancer survivors because they'll have a higher chance of other health situations, along with heart disease, kind-2 diabetes, and weakening of the bones.

To reduce the hazard of other illnesses, docs normally advise that cancer survivors comply with under pointers including:

1- Consuming a wealthy nutrient-dense and plant-based weight loss program

2- Preserving a healthy weight

3- Minimizing alcohol consumption 4- Staying bodily lively


By following these suggestions, the recovery rate of Cancer gets enhanced while promoting an overall well- being. Dr. Vivek Agarwala | Director & Senior Consultant – Dept of Medical Oncology, Haemato- Oncology & Oncology | Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah, Kolkata

Corresponding Author:

Ms. Tooba Maryam  BS Scholar (Food & Nutrition)

Ms. Asma Sagheer Khan 

Department of Home-Economics, Mirpur University of Science and Technology.