In a non-profit organization, it’s not uncommon to not have access to the same kinds of means that a typical, profiteering business would have. This can make aspects of your operation that you share with such organizations more difficult, such as marketing, where you might find that you’re primarily restricted to low-cost or free platforms, such as social media. Social media marketing can be incredibly effective, but it’s limiting to feel restricted to just that, and facing these hurdles concerning something so integral can be frustrating.

Fortunately, options do exist, and making yourself aware of what these are can help you to manoeuvre your organization in the most effective manner possible.

The Option of Grants

As a charity, you’ll likely be no stranger to how effective grants can be at providing you with the funding that you need, and as a result, you’re probably often on the lookout. However, the spaces that you’re looking for these might be more typical routes that you’d associate with charity grants, and as a result, you could be neglecting digital spaces that can provide you with what you’re looking for.

One example of this is Web Presence, a dedicated agency that looks to provide charities like yours with the ability to market despite your limitations. The grant would look to fund your marketing, meaning that a solution to your hurdle in this regard would be presented. Different grants provide different things for those in a variety of circumstances, and it’s worth seeing if this is right for you.

Maximizing What You Have

However, if you find that you are more or less restricted to social media, for now, you mustn’t despair. Instead, focus on how you can maximize the potential of these platforms by getting as creative as possible. Multiple free platforms that grant you access to a huge array of audiences and communities are nothing to scoff at, and knowing how to use social media marketing effectively can go a long way here.

Sometimes, staff will be short, and people at charities might find themselves covering positions like marketing without it necessarily being a core part of their job or something they have experience in. In these cases, even just being aware of how competitions, polls, and strong social media engagement can help could prove useful.


While the ultimate goal of networking might be something that feels somewhat tied to grants, it’s important to be aware of how effective it can be to put a strong foot forward in this area. Networking is something that’s always held up as being an incredibly essential part of business, but knowing who to invite and talk to at the events that you organize can help your charity to make the right connections.

It’s not just about the events that you organize either, and if you’re getting involved with community events, this gives you another chance to become an organization that people remember – both members of the public who might want to volunteer, and those who could potentially help to contribute further.