Even some of the most successful podcasters need the best marketing strategies to get a huge following. Promoting your podcast is the best way for people to discover and follow you. 

After recording your first episodes, tell people about your paid podcast. Let them know the kind of content you produce and the value it will add to them.

Most podcast listeners want to gain educational value. That’s why 74% of people in the U.S listen to podcasts to learn something new. 

Providing informative and fresh content is critical to successfully promoting a podcast. It will extend your brand reach and attract more people who are ready to buy. 

Here are the 10 best strategies you can use to promote your podcast.

1. Understand Your Goal

Understanding your goal helps you know why you are creating and promoting a podcast. Make sure you know why you are producing each episode and the possible impact it will have on listeners. The episodes should fulfill your audience's needs and keep them engaged. 

Having a podcast goal means measuring your success rate and determining if you are meeting your targets. For example, you can measure success with the number of downloads, backlinks, or increase in sales. Understanding your paid podcast goals lets you know your target and how you will achieve it.

2. Subscribe to Paid Podcast Platforms

Choose a podcast subscription platform to reach a larger number of listeners. A subscription platform is where podcasters and publishers market their content to thousands of listeners. 

The paid podcast platform creates an excellent experience for listeners. It provides easy subscription and valuable features like Q&A forums to engage your audience. 

Podcasters fully control their account, including their subscribers, content, and emails. Creating an account on podcast subscription platforms ensures your content reaches a broader audience.

3. Create Valuable Content

Gathering many subscribers and followers means you need to stand out from 2,000 000+ podcasts. Creating stellar content and using the best marketing strategies will help you beat the competition. 

So, how do you ensure you create the best podcast content?

  • Get the right equipment, including a good microphone, call recording, and editing software.
  • Add interesting stories to your content to make them easier to remember and create empathy.
  • Always include a powerful call-to-action that lets the audience know what they need to do next after listening to an episode.

4. Create Relevant Titles and Podcast Descriptions

Capture your target audience’s attention with relevant podcast titles and descriptions. A podcast’s title and description will enable a listener to determine if your content is relevant to them. 

Make sure the title is descriptive enough. For example, instead of providing a title like “Episode 38,” you can write “Episode 38: Best Podcast Marketing Strategies”.

It’s essential to provide a descriptive title for all your podcast episodes. A podcast description provides more information about the title and content.

5. Add Episodes Before Launch

If you are launching a new podcast, make sure it has more than one episode. Adding at least ten episodes to your podcast gives your audience content to consume. It also shows that you are a serious podcaster. 

More episodes in your podcast encourage your audience to subscribe and look forward to more content.

6. Build a Website

A professional website enables you to share your content quickly and attract different audiences. Visitors and your online community will access your podcast through your blog. You can also host your podcast on your website or embed it. 

A blog helps to create more awareness and expand your reach. Include descriptive information about your podcast on your blog and encourage visitors to follow and subscribe. 

For example, on the “About Page” of your website, you can include the benefits of your podcast and explain how it will add value to your audience.

7. Podcast SEO Optimization

SEO optimization makes your podcast visible to your target audience. Including the search terms that your audience uses in your podcast titles and description makes it easier for searchers to find you. 

Provide relevant titles and keywords so people search and find your content on search engines like Google. 

Searchers can find your podcast, listen to and subscribe to your content. This will help to increase your listenership and the number of subscribers.

8. Consider Email Marketing

Email is an effective marketing strategy. It gives you direct access to your audience and allows you to send personalized messages. 

Send newsletters to your audience and include your new podcast content. Emails speak directly to your audience. It's a great place to ask your audience to subscribe to your content.

9. Publish Content Regularly

It’s important to regularly provide fresh content to your audience to keep them engaged. Post your content at the right time when it’s most effective. 

If you are a new podcaster, research your competitors and find out when they post their content. You can use similar methods until you've posted enough episodes to gather data for analysis. Analyzing your data will give you the best time to engage your audience with fresh content.

10. Create Interactive Content

Create interactive posts that make your audience part of your episodes. Engage more with your listeners. Allow them to ask questions and share comments about a topic you are discussing. 

It’s also important to tell your listeners why they should engage with your content. For example, inform them that their comments, shares, and subscriptions help your podcast to grow and enable you to produce more interesting episodes.

Key Takeaway

Podcast marketing does not have one strategy for all podcasters. But some strategies are likely to bring growth and expand your brand reach. Regardless of your marketing strategy, always test and see if it produces your desired results. 

Tweak the strategies you choose according to the needs of your listeners. Always think about your audience and the content that appeals to them. Understanding your audience is the first step to a successful marketing campaign for your podcast.