With the onset of cold weather, you can put comfortable sandals, flip flops and moccasins in the closet to create completely new looks. TOP men's shoes for autumn allows you to choose to start the three main directions of the season, which will determine the specific style.

What is the difference between formal style and formal style?

In order to decide on the further style and create the perfect look, you need to immediately understand that the formal style has a number of differences that do not change from year to year:

Classic shoes are not included in the TOP men's shoes for autumn, but they are designed for business style, not boots.

The product should be made of quality smooth leather, not suede or textured material.

It is not allowed to use accessories and decors (maximum - inconspicuous lacing).

The shape should be rigid and geometrically precise, as should the overall appearance.

That is why for such meetings it is worth buying a separate pair, and for everyday wear, purchase one of the options presented below (or all at once, if you constantly want something new).

TOP men's shoes for autumn

Each of the three models of shoes for men is original, unique and has its own character. When choosing RM Williams boots or any other, you should be guided by personal preferences in style, as well as the latest fashion recommendations from famous designers.

Work boots

A classic that does not require much discussion. An ideal option for autumn, which will not soar the leg, while protecting it from coolness, moisture and other external factors. Of course, this is not about using them only to perform a number of jobs, but about a characteristic form. Types and styles of men's shoes differ, first of all, in shape.

Thick fall soles, high lacing, a wide tongue, frayed leather and a rough tread pattern create a stunning effect, especially when paired with a plaid flannel shirt, knitted sweater and classic jeans. Another option for a top trendy bow is chinos, a sports jacket or blazer, a knitted scarf or hat.


High-top classic leather boots with a unique pattern are not meant for a strict dress code, but are an essential part of the casual style, creating an elegant look. Decorative perforation makes this shoe suitable for dry autumn weather, but it is not see-through, so it will not let moisture in either. This style of men's shoes can be called a trend that has been popular for more than one century.

Often they are made in shades of brown, and other colors are rare. Such a male model goes well with a tweed or other non-classical suit, a combination of jeans and a jacket, woolen trousers, as well as clothing made from fabrics such as corduroy, tweed. Often, trousers are specially shortened or folded in order to fully reveal the brogues.


An interesting combination of business style and modern solutions. Indeed, they will look good with a classic suit if you choose the right accessories. Smooth, dark leather is equipped with special rubber inserts instead of lacing, which both fix the shoes and also provide easy removal.

Stylish men's shoes for autumn 2021 also dictate their own rules. For example, a sophisticated shape requires the use of tight trousers and does not tolerate baggy clothes. If you want to combine Chelsea with jeans, you can choose from models with a rounded nose and a rough shape, as well as a characteristic skin pattern.

Of course, the options for men's shoes include sneakers, sneakers, loafers, oxfords and even cowboy boots, which are still in trends. The main thing is to choose the optimal solution that will express your own preferences in style and create the appropriate look.

The model does not have to be the only one

If all summer you wore loafers, topsiders and espadrilles, that is, low shoe models, then with the advent of the autumn season it is better to take a closer look at what covers the ankle. There are several reasons: high shoes will keep you warm, protect you from dirt and splashes, and will also prevent you from twisting your leg, because such a risk increases in autumn bad weather. In addition, high models of boots, boots, Chelsea, brogues and not only look great with the main autumn trends like dark beige suits (trousers can be tucked right in the shaft), bulk knit cardigans and cocoon coats.