What is sunburn and why is it dangerous?

Sunburn is the skin's natural response to UV exposure. Under the sun's rays, the skin changes its color, as the melanin pigment accumulates in its cells. It is he who gives the skin a beautiful bronze tint. If you spend too much time under the sun, you can get sunburn. Excessive tanning can provoke more serious health problems (up to skin cancer). On vacation in Zatoka, you should be careful about staying in the sun - both at sea and in the water park.

What are the rules for tanning in summer?

  1. It is better to be in the sun in the morning or evening (before 10 am and after 6 pm).
  2. Wear clothing that will protect you from the sun as much as possible.
  3. If you have to spend the whole day on the beach or in the water park, it is better to take a break from the sun - sit in the shade during the hottest hours.
  4. Use sunscreen when in the sun.
  5. Wear beach cover ups.

How to use sunscreen correctly and which one is better to choose?

SPF is the level of UV protection. The higher the SPF, the better the cream will protect against sunburn and other unpleasant effects of exposure to sunlight. If you have fair skin, choose a cream or spray with an SPF of 30-50. How often to use sunscreen? There are no general rules, you should follow the instructions that apply to a particular cream. For those who go to the water park or plan to swim in the sea a lot, waterproof sunscreens are suitable. You can even buy such cosmetics for future use. Sunscreen can be used next year until the expiration date.

People are divided into two types: those who love to swim in the sea, and those who prefer to quietly read their favorite book on the shore. And if the first, apart from a classy swimsuit, perhaps, does not need anything, then the second one definitely cannot do without a bikini. What to wear on the beach, so as not to die from the heat and at the same time not feel naked, we clearly explain with four ideal examples.

How to dress up when going on a beach?

Short denim jacket and bikini

Inspired by a playful vintage shot from the 1980s, we advise you to take a short marshmallow-colored denim with you to the sea. It can be thrown over the shoulders so as not to burn, or used instead of a blanket on hot sand.

White Top and Wrap Skirt

Classics of the genre - a white top and a romantic skirt with ties - a win-win duet for all time. Throw in black sunglasses, a small straw bag, and strappy sandals and head out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your favorite waterfront restaurant. And immediately after a meal in this form, you can smoothly move to a deck chair.

Tied white shirt

Remembering the 1980s and 1990s, wear a men's white shirt to the beach. But not just over a swimsuit, as is usually the case, but tie it up in the manner of a top. You can wear a shirt with a short skirt and a visor. The presence of a yacht is optional.

Scarf and bright bikini

What else to do with your favorite silk scarf in the summer, how not to adapt it as a top. Paired with a simple, wide-brimmed straw hat and bright-colored bottoms, it'll make you the hottest on the beach.