For seasonal sales to bring maximum benefit, you need to prepare for them in advance and wisely. Festive preparations will become a pleasant experience for the user only when you, as a store owner, responsibly prepare for seasonal sales. You can offer your customers goods and care for them by offering quality service.

According to NRF statistics 2023, e-commerce sales will increase by 7 to 9% compared to the previous year. So, this is a good chance to increase your profits during the festive season.

How delivery affects business processes

Setting up the delivery of orders to your customers seems to us to be the key here:

  • On holidays and sales days ("Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday"), customer expectations for deliveries are very high: on-time delivery depends on whether your customers will be in a festive mood or not.
  • The way to quality delivery service: automation of logistics processes with the help of applications.
  • Magento 2 Shipping Rules Extension from Mirasvit is the optimal solution for Magento stores. Set up delivery rules effortlessly and swiftly, with the module's smart algorithm automating all settings processes.

Shipping rates in Magento are initially fixed. This is not very convenient because it does not consider:

  • Geography of delivery.
  • Actual offers from delivery services with which your store cooperates.

Make flexible shipping rates with Mirasvit extension

With Magento 2 Shipping Price Rules Extension, your shipping rates will become extremely flexible. You will be able to offer high and medium-priority individualized shipping rates for customers. Moreover, enhancing trust and loyalty among your customers is achievable by equitably adjusting their delivery costs, taking into account the following factors:

  • Geography of delivery
  • Cost of items in the shopping cart
  • Quantity of ordered goods
  • Clients Group.

Generate as many delivery rules as required, and if needed, choose multiple carriers and shipping methods for each rule. 

To speed up the setup process, you can group several geographic delivery areas into one, while cities and regions you don't want can be excluded from this group. Or add certain local regions.

You have the option to establish both maximum and minimum thresholds for the application of shipping rates.

All delivery rules are automatically enforced once the buyer adds items to the cart or modifies the address and delivery method.


1. Automating logistics rules in e-commerce is a must-have for providing high-quality delivery service.

2. Magento 2 Shipping Price Rules Extension by Mirasvit is the optimal solution for Magento stores. Using this tool, you enhance deliveries through the creation of adaptable rules that will be automatically implemented.