There is nothing quite as wonderful as a woman’s ability to spend time breastfeeding a brand new baby. This is a chance to make a strong connection and help your child to grow big and strong. However, moms also need to practice self-care during the process. Here are some tips to satisfy everyone during this special time.

Talk To A Therapist If You Are Stressed

Breastfeeding is meant to be a relaxing time for you and your baby. If you are stressed out when you feed your baby, that anxiety can actually limit the breastmilk supply, especially during the first few months after childbirth. When we are stressed, our hormones begin to change and rising levels of cortisol can negatively impact the milk supply.

That is why you must find help if you are feeling stressed during this special time. If you are dealing with anxiety and also feelings of postpartum depression, then virtual therapy is a choice to consider. By talking to a therapist, you can get to the root of your issues and start to feel better. Seeing a virtual therapist is a great idea because you can seek help at a time that is best for you without disrupting your breastfeeding schedule. There are numerous other perks to seeing an online therapist, including having a wider variety of professionals to choose from and it is often safer than going out and traveling to a physical office.

You can also save a lot of money by going online. In addition to not needing to pay for gas to get there, online services are often more affordable overall, and you may even have the option of a free consultation so you can determine if this therapist is right for you.

Create A Safe And Stress-Free Space

In order to fight potential stress and anxiety, mothers should make it a point to properly prepare the home to make it as safe and comforting as possible. That includes removing anything dangerous or items that can cause you to trip while breastfeeding.

It is also important to create a clutter-free space. We don’t often realize it but when our homes are messy or cluttered, it can negatively impact our mental health. That is because when there is a lack of organization, it can make us subconsciously think that we are losing control of our situation, and if the issue is not remedied, then it can lead to elevated anxiety. If you know that your house could use some work, then start early and go room by room as you get rid of any items you no longer use or need, including in your closets and common spaces like the kitchen and living room. Doing so will improve your mental health and make caring for a newborn child more manageable.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

It is essential that you stay hydrated when breastfeeding your children. By drinking one glass of water every time you feed, you can ensure that you will have a healthy supply. Water is also very healthy for you and your baby. By staying hydrated, you will feel better mentally in addition to having more energy.

You can drink coffee during your days as a breastfeeding mother but you should limit how much you drink each day because caffeine could make your baby cranky and they may not be able to fall asleep as easily, and babies need their sleep.

Eating Properly Is Important As Well

It is important to keep a healthy diet while you are breastfeeding because by eating good food, you will keep your energy levels up, which is important when breastfeeding while also running a household. The nutrients that you eat also transfer to your baby during breastfeeding, so it is a win-win for everyone. Some of the best foods to eat when breastfeeding include whole grains, eggs, and yogurt, which are healthy for mom and baby.

Make Time For Your Other Children Too

If you have other kids at home then you need to think about their needs and feelings when you bring home your newborn and start breastfeeding. It is not uncommon for your other children to feel deserted during this time and you do not want them to feel unloved.

The best way to ensure that you make time for all of your kids is to actively plan certain times where they become the priority. This could be during bedtime where you take time to read them a book or while you are preparing dinner. You can have the kids mix some ingredients or prepare the table so they feel included. It may seem like a lot to juggle multiple kids at once but the love they will feel is truly worth it.

In the end, there are many ways that mothers can practice self-care to protect their wellbeing and the health of their babies while breastfeeding. Consider these tips and you can make the most out of this special time.