Technology is so important in our lives; it brings more facilities to our daily tasks. In school and educational sectors, technology becomes one of the most teaching lessons, since students love everything concerning science and technologies, thus in this article let’s talk about technology education and its importance in our life.

Technology education

Because of the pervasiveness of technology in all cultures,  technology education should be made readily available in every school from kindergarten to high school.  Through such opportunities, students will build a solid foundation for productive employment or for post-secondary education.Technology invariably involves the application of mathematics and science. The technology employs knowledge, tools, and skills to increase human potential, to solve practical problems,  and to modify our world.  When properly understood,  technology can be adapted, and humans are in control. As an essential part of the school, technology education teaches students to understand, use, and control technology. Teachers should help students study the progress and use of technology and its effect on people, the environment, and society. Students learn to regulate to change,  to deal with forces that influence their future, and to participate in controlling their future. Students further develop insights into the appliance of technological concepts, processes, and systems.

Technology in education

Technology in education means the use of technology (hardware and software) in education. Technology in education is not restricted to the use of technology to make learning and transmission of education easy in all possible ways. Still, it is also a field of study for those who are concerned with developing technological tools for educational purposes.Technology has an essential impact on higher education. It brings new opportunities; yet, its use to improve higher education is unequal from region to region, from country to country and from an institution to another within a country. Higher education has experimented with technological advances as diverse such as the blackboard and the laptops. Some technologies became permanent parts of the higher education enterprise.

Why Technology Education is so important

We need to study technology because we like to realize a strong understanding of our world. We like to understand how we need technology in our daily lives and the way important it is. We study technology to understand where the inventions, machines, and technology today are based. It’s a requirement to review technology to understand what our life would be within the future.Technology is essential because it's a part of our life. It makes our work and our lives easier. But it also can harm our lives. We study technology to understand what positive and negative effects it can give to us.

How Technology Education will influence students and school

Technology is one of the motivating subjects to teach. Teaching technology includes demonstrations, experiments, and hands-on material for students to explore and manipulate. Besides, the topic itself is known for students as they use technology in their everyday lives. Moreover, you can easily tap into your students' excitement about movies and media—particularly regarding science fiction—as you explore with them what sorts of things are often done, what kinds of things can't be done… and what types of things can't be done yet?

Our mission?

The mission of Technology Education is to be organized around a group of ideas, processes, and systems that are purely technological.The program and course content is students targeted and is intended to develop insights and understandings of the applying of technological ideas, processes, and systems. All activities use hands-on experiences to encourage students to form connections between ideas and real-world applications. Students are challenged to use the technology education system to form, apply materials, machines, instrumentation, and technical ideas in an economical and safe way.Activities and lessons develop a student’s problem-solving and decision-making talents through the utilization of human and material resources, processes, and technological systems. Students are ready for life-long learning in a very technological society as a result of they'll be exposed to activity-oriented laboratory experiences that reinforce abstract ideas with concrete experiences.

Technology Education vs. Educational Technology

Technology education (also called ed-tech or tech ed) is the study of technology. It’s designed to teach students to be prepared for a variety of technology-related fields and to find out about technology within specific fields of study. Teachers cover topics associated with technology processes, concepts, and knowledge.Educational Technology makes regard to tools, that is, hardware and software that anyone may deem to be adequate for schools. As an example, as was the case in many situations, companies may push their products into schools as educational technologies because they see a profit. On the opposite ‘technology in education’ refers to digitally mediated attitudes that need to be developed for the successful implementation of the tools mentioned before. Thus technology in education is more associated with the facilitation process of technology to reinforce learning. Ultimately it's this which can decide if any sort of technology pushed in educational contexts is actually useful within the contexts, it's being implemented in.

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