I Miss My Family More Than Ever

Thanksgiving is the best time of year to meet up with your family and enjoy each other’s company. The one thing I’m most thankful for is that COVID seems to be coming to a close! This has been a tough time for everyone, and it’ll be refreshing to sit at the dinner table without feeling anxious. We’ve all been afraid of getting sick, so it has been a struggle to connect. I miss my family more than ever and want to have the best Thanksgiving we’ve ever had!

Our family gatherings are always enormous, and now that COVID restrictions have been lifting, it looks like things will be mostly back to normal. This pandemic has given me a new perspective and taught me to appreciate our time together that much more—I can’t wait to do everything I’ve been looking forward to doing!

I Can't Wait to Help Out My Parents with Cooking

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved the fresh, delicious scents of Thanksgiving. As I got older, I began to cook my own dishes and bring them to our holiday feasts. Of course, I got better over time, but in the last two years, I’ve been able to completely perfect my cooking!

With Thanksgiving around the corner and COVID out the door, I’ll be able to help my parents cook again, since they always have a lot to do. I can’t wait to experience a wonderful dinner—if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that it’s impossible to tell the future!

Looking Forward to Watching the Macy's Parade

We always watch The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving. There’s always something new and exciting to see—Macy’s outdoes itself every time! The parade is also a great time to digest our meal. I can’t wait to get close on the couch, start a warm fire, and watch the parade this year. It’s hard to believe the parade has been going on for almost 100 years!

I can’t wait to sit down, watch the parade, and spend some quality time with the ones I love!

I'll Look Better Than Ever with a Facelift

This Thanksgiving, I want to go the extra mile by looking my best with a facelift! COVID has stressed me out since the day it began and didn’t do any wonders for my face—I look more wrinkled, and my cheeks are sagging more than ever. So, I scheduled a consultation with a great plastic surgeon in New York City and am preparing to look younger and more refreshed. A mini facelift is the perfect way to turn back the hands of time and look great this Thanksgiving!

Getting a Nice Break from Work

Work has been a lot more stressful these past 2 years, and with no Thanksgiving get-togethers, I decided not to take the week off to make a little extra money. Things are looking up this year, though, and I think I’ll be able to take the week off again! I’m looking forward to getting a solid break from the obligations of work and enjoying delicious food and wine.

I’m so happy that COVID is dying down, and that things are finally returning to normal! We all need a restful Thanksgiving holiday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Another thing I’m looking forward to this Thanksgiving is the incredible bargains. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic opportunities to do Christmas shopping for myself and others! I’m going to get my relatives a few gifts to show them how thankful I am—there are always plenty of incredible deals to take advantage of! My mom’s delicious desserts are the only things sweeter than Black Friday deals; rumor has it that she’s preparing a dark chocolate cheesecake this time around!

Material gifts aside, the best present will be seeing everyone after the difficulties of the last few years. We’re ready to move on from the stresses of COVID, and I think I speak for the whole world when I say that!