Since the pandemic caused many people to have to stay home, they were not able to eat out as much as they used to. This caused them to have to cook for themselves more than they were used to. Now, they love to cook and are looking for ways to improve what they have been doing. They are looking to fill up with the kitchen essentials and become a better cook.

There are some other things to make sure that you have to cook like a professional chef aside from appliances. You need to set yourself up to be able to replicate what they do on a daily basis. In this article, we will go over what you need to be able to pull this off yourself.

1. Have good knives

 Every chef has a set of knives that he cherishes. They are like an extension of their arm so it’s important to have ones that are well crafted and will last a lifetime with the proper care. When you have good knives, preparing food is more enjoyable and a much easier process than when you use dull and ineffective ones.

You should look for knives made out of carbon steel that are strong and durable. Most chefs buy knives made of this material from Germany and Japan where they specialize in the knife making tradition.

You should also have a sharpening stone so you can keep them very sharp. Learn the skill of sharpening your own knives since the mechanical ones are not very good at making the knife sharp. It is a bit of a challenge but once you figure it out your knives will always be sharp.

2. Get cast iron pots 

Cast iron is the gold standard for cookware due to its properties of holding onto heat. These pots are also durable so they can last more than a lifetime. It is not uncommon for people to inherit their grandparents' cast iron cookware. You should have a variety since there is a type for every cooking procedure.

For frying and searing, a pan is the way to go. For braising, a Dutch oven that is coated in enamel will work best.

They are all very versatile so you will find yourself doing most of your cooking when you have a set of three or four pots and pans.

3. Set up kitchen stations

 If you ever visit a professional kitchen, you will notice that there are special areas for just about every task. This is a way to make organizing very efficient. You may not be able to set your home kitchen up exactly this way, but you can take inspiration and make your kitchen more functional.

Set up areas where you store things for certain types of cooking. For instance, a shelf dedicated to baking where you also keep your pasta making board and rolling pin. Another area can be where you prep your vegetables.