It can feel as if there is almost too much choice when trying to find a type of flooring that suits the needs of your space. While not every material or variation is the best, there is a selection of several top flooring types that are widely known for their many positive qualities. If you are struggling to find flooring for your space, take a look at the six top flooring types in 2023.

1. Hardwood

The versatility and durability of hardwood flooring have been appreciated for centuries. The natural properties of wooden floorboards make them hugely popular among people with varying senses of style. Depending on how you treat, varnish, and finish this type of floor, you can achieve a multitude of different effects. Although it can be pricey, many people consider hardwood flooring to be an investment.

2. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles and paving are the perfect flooring choice for anyone looking to enhance the resilience of their floors. This material is ideal for resisting spills, scrapes, and other issues that would damage another type of floor. You can find porcelain paving at Quorn Stone. It is not only great flooring for bathrooms and kitchens but also outdoor areas such as gardens. Porcelain is more cost-effective than real stone and made to be particularly hardwearing, making it stand out as an outdoor paving contender.

3. Natural Stone

While porcelain flooring is durable, affordable, and beautiful, natural stone can also be a good option for certain spaces. Size and shape will determine which part of your space a stone floor would look best in. It is important to research the type of stone carefully beforehand since each type will vary greatly in its appearance and sturdiness.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has been developed over the past few decades into an extremely versatile and practical flooring option, especially for interiors. Luxury vinyl planks can be designed to imitate the appearance of hardwood without the extra cost. They are also easier to clean compared to more natural flooring materials.

5. Engineered Wood

Unlike natural hardwood, engineered wood is made of wooden veneer and tightly packed layers of plywood. This allows it to look much like hardwood without the price tag. Due to the manufacturing process of the planks, engineered wood is less likely to warp, expand or shrink in spaces with high or low levels of air moisture. It can also be treated similarly to hardwood, such as with stains, dyes, or paints, although sanding will eventually strip the plank to its plywood layer, so it should be attempted judiciously.

6. Cork

Having come in and out of style over the decades, cork is growing in popularity again due to its sustainable sources. It has a unique appearance and acts as a natural sound canceler for a room. It can also be made to look like other types of flooring, depending on taste.

The year 2023 is seeing a real mix of design styles blending together, resulting in people looking for ways to decorate their spaces in a timeless and practical way. The above flooring types have proven popular among discerning designers and homeowners alike.