As Summer winds down into Autumn, now is the perfect time to make some changes with your home’s décor and bring in new colours to really bring your décor to life in anticipation for winter.

Today, we’ll be looking at decor accessories and accent pieces that you can bring into your home that have a beautiful blue finish to them, to help bring in a sense of relaxation and serenity to your home this year.

Ocean Drive Fernandina Desk & Chair – Galapagos Furniture

This stunning Ocean Drive blue velvet chair and desk set from Galapagos Furniture would make for a great eye-catching accent piece for any room of your home. The desk and chair can be used separately to sprinkle out touches of their fantastic dark blue across your home or used together to create a sublime reading or coffee nook in your home.

This stunning furniture set is made from a wide range of natural materials, with the chair frames being exclusively made from European Beech Wood and handcrafted in the quiet village of Normandy in Surrey. So if you want furniture with a unique feel and an authentic story behind it, this is the furniture set for you!

Abstract Shapes Decorative Vases – PimpUpYourPlants

Vases have always been a great accent piece to use in your home, to add a touch of life and vibrance into previously under-decorated areas of rooms. With a good looking vase, made in a good shape with an eye-catching design you can re-invigorate previously bland areas of your home’s décor.

These abstract patterned vases from PimpUpYourPlants will make an excellent addition to your home, adding in a lot of blue tones, but with other accent colours present to prevent them from being overwhelmingly blue. These vases can be used themselves as display pieces, or used with flowers or houseplants to add a more natural feel to a room.

Bessemer Indigo Roman Blind – DotcomBlinds

These stunning blue blinds come from DotcomBlinds’ Bessemer range of patterned Roman Blinds. This blind has a deep blue fabric which is artfully contrasted by the off-white leaf patterns adorning the fabric, which culminates to provide a stunning look and feel which is sure to change the look of any room in your home.

This blind is made out of a fantastic fabric blend of polyester, cotton and viscose, which provides a rugged material ready to take on the wear and tear of your busy life, without compromising on the look or feel of the fabric. The Bessemer Indigo Roman blind is also available with a choice of linings, which can help it adapt for use in almost any room of your home.

Matisse Inspired Art Print – Etsy

Matisse’s art style is a timeless one, with his art and work inspired from his art still being incredibly sought after even 70 years after the artist’s death. While an original Matisse would certainly be a show stopping piece of décor to have in your home, you’d have to have quite the sizable piggy bank if you wanted one in your home, so for most people: a replica print or art inspired by Matisse’s work will be a more realistic choice.

This Matisse inspired piece of art from Etsy would be a great way to include the French artists classic style in your home’s décor. With all prints made on high quality matte poster paper with high quality pigment inks, this fantastic piece will give your home a touch of class at an incredibly affordable price point.